Suggestions, what LV can hold thick keys??

  1. I have tried the cles, no way at all, the Rabat no way, tried a couple key cases years ago and know they will not work. My car keys have the security chips in them and this makes them very thick at the tops plus the keys are long as well. I have 3 of these keys for 3 cars and then at least one remote for the vehicle I drive the most. Has anyone seen or tried the badge key holder, I have a feeling with almost the same measurements as the Rabat that it will be too small. Any suggestions? I use to have the mini accessories in both the mono and damier and sold both for I did not use them enough, perhaps one of them would have worked. I do not think I would want a chain that cannot be removed or at least placed inside the case though(this was the case for the mini accessory bags) Does LV make anything you guys can think of that may accomodate such large, thick set of 3 keys and a single remote? Need your help on this one!:idea:
  2. The Tulum pochette is cute but probably not big enough ... it's wider than the Rabat but a bit shorter. Or how about the little denim Speedy case? I'm just looking at it on screen, it's 4.7" x 3.1" x 2.6" ... again, might be too short. How long are your keys?
  3. How about the MC pochette MM? I got one for christmas and it certainly big enough ... or maybe even the T & B cles?
  4. I was going to say the tulum as well, but maybe it is a tad small - how about a mini pochette - thats what I use, but then I have a lot of keys, so they just don't fit in any of the smaller cles or pouches.
  5. To think I had 2 mini pochettes, one mono and one damier and I sold them because they were not being used! Gosh, I think the only thing that will work is perhaps the mini pochette without going into something so much bigger. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, for I hate buying a bag a second time around!
  6. I have similar chip keys, and I take the chain on my heart Pomme and loop it through the cut out in the top of the keys then clip the chain back onto the pomme, this works great, as for remotes each of my cars has the built in garage buttons so not sure what to tell you about that, you may just need to buy a pochette, or makeup pouch
  7. Cles will work, you will need to add a small ring to the key first.
    cles.jpg mono cles.jpg
  8. Well if you want to keep the keys INSIDE something then I would say your best bet is going to be some type of mini pochette or holder (heart, tulum, mini pochette, mini alma, etc.)

    Good luck!!
  9. How about the new trunks & bags cles. It seems a little bigger than the regular mono cles.
  10. Bag Fetish you hit the nail on the head... this is what I had to do with my car keys.... you need to wind on a small ring onto your key then put the small ring onto the cles.
  11. I have done this before with cles; however, I was really looking for something that I could store them inside of the item. It looks like I will be buying a second mini pochette! Gosh I hate when this happens buy a bag, sell it, and then buy it again!!!! Oh well, here goes!
  12. How about a Wapity?
  13. please do not use a heavy weight key chain for any car keys!
    inside of the key lock or starter or something else gets damaged [​IMG]

    empty cles is OK but if you put too much coins or other's bad.
  14. I've found that my long, bulky car key, one house key and the fob fit into my monogram cles. It's a bit of a struggle to get them in there, though.

    Try a denim cles since the fabric is pliable or as you indicated, a mini pochette.
  15. I had the same problem and I just bought a denim cles and it worked beautifully.