Suggestions Wanted: Bag with Outer Pockets

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  1. I love lots of pockets on the outside of the bag so I don't have to fish around inside the main compartment. I would love to hear suggestions. Quality and design a must.
  2. I bet you'd love Hayden Harnett's Gaza Luxe Satchel. I have one and it has more exterior pockets than I've seen on ANY bag ever!

    Plus, the leather is luscious and the bag is very well-made. Even better, I think HH is offering 25% off now. :tup:
    Haydenbag1.jpg Haydenbag3.jpg Haydenbag2.jpg
  3. The Kooba Jessie has 4 outer pockets. Two on each side. Comes in a variiety of leather types and colors. And the pockets are roomy enough to put in a large set of keys, change, make-up, etc so it really organizes your bag.

  4. Oh.... I love this Kooba Jessie!!! I want one too...
  5. It's one of my top 3 favorite bags. I have it in Raisin color. has them but this bag hasn't been faked so you can find a deal on eBay. There's usually several up. I love the Bourbon color but if you don't like the pebbled leather look you might like the python embossed leather in Ebano or Antique Rose, or a smooth leathered Jessie in Khaki or Java. I can almost guarantee that you'd never regret your purchase of a Jessie. A mid size bag that carries ALOT.
  6. Hayden-Harnett also has an outer/hidden pocket on the backside of the Ana and the Inka. Other HH styles may have the same feature.
  7. i love the bulga!
  8. Not Rational sub and mini subs are east west bags that have multiple pockets front and back.

    I'd also recommend cruising over to the hayden harnett website to see bags with outside pockets. They have several as PFers have mentioned about. There are really cute Tano bags with outside pockets. Botkier has good organization too as she was a former photographer and needed compartments for lenses etc.
  9. What about the Tano My Heroin?
    tano my heroin.jpg
  10. Hayden Harnett Nico is awesome!
  11. I want to also put in my vote for the Kooba Jessie. I just got one in Bourbon, and I love mine! Great size, versatile color, and four outside pockets. The magnetic pockets are easy to get in and out of, unlike pockets with buckles (like MJ Stella- I love this bag, but I don't use the outside pockets).
  12. Banana Republic Ashbury pocket hobo
  13. Tory Burch Leather messenger