Suggestions to the Kooba Design Team...

  1. If you were on the design team of Kooba:heart: what might you suggest they do with their next introductions? What features would you like to see in their handbags? How could they make them even ~better~ than they are right now?

    Personally I would love to see some more imaginative colors, such as the red they did for this Spring, that was a hit. I want to see a great 'faded bluejean color' or deep 'teal' on their hobos. Woven leather like you see on the new Gryson bags could be fabulous. And a key hook inside the bag could be interesting.

    What do you want to see and why?
  2. Oooh, great thread! I'm right there with you about Kooba colors, I would introduce a couple of blues and some metallics. I would also ditch the patents and the pebbled leathers (sorry gals!). I'm a little stuck in the past, but I would add more western accents to the current lines such as whipstitching, braids, and buckles. Yee Haw! :smile:
  3. Excellent Post! I could go one and on.
    But most importantly...

    I'd like to see some wallets
    I'd like to see some sturdier interior lining that is tacked down. They really need to take a hint from Gryson (who's insides ROCK!)
    Some more Mid-size bags
  4. I would really like Kooba wallets that match my Kooba bags!
  5. Good thread! I'd love wallets too, as well as some more western-style details, like the whipstitching. A key hook would also be nice. I think they should focus on having really good soft leather, none of the patent crap or pebbled stuff, like somebody else said. More range of colors (though brown will always be my favorite), and more bags with long straps (I'm a sucker for long straps!). So far the microfiber has been my favorite lining, so I would like to see them continue with that, but in different colors.
  6. I haven't had anything from the 07 season yet, these bags might be lighter than the previous ones, if not, that's my biggest wish; that they stop making the Koobas so damn heavy!
  7. Personally, I love the patent 'crap' so I'm for keeping it. My Parker is stunning. In fact, I'd like to see MORE styles available in patent. How about a choice of getting a bag in patent or distressed leather?

    I agree w/the above, make some accessories to match the bags and put a dog leash key holder inside.
  8. As this thread gets more responses I will send the link to Kooba customer service so they actually see what their customers are begging for.

    Keep 'em coming girls.
  9. The bags need to be lighter and more medium-size ones. They are just too heavy for me too.