Suggestions to pro-long a manicure?

  1. A good base coat perhaps? I've been using OPI's "black satin" and OPI's clear top coat, and it chips apart the day after I do them - and never lasts 2 days! :cursing:

    Any suggestions?
  2. A good base coat always helps - but I also re-apply the top coat or just clear nail polish on every 2-3 days for the hands - and you can go longer in between for the feet.

    Part of it is the black satin is such a dark colour that you definitely want a good base coat as "protection" so it doesn't sink into your nail bed and make it yellowy in colour.

    Another thing is making sure your clear your cuticles well since I find that is what "moves" and causes the paint to chip as your nail grows out.

    and last thing... when I do the top coat or clear polish if you're able to get a thin coat on the top sharp part of your nail it kind of seals it in. (I'm not sure if you know what I mean?) I learned this trick from my manicurist.
  3. products i can recommend is barielle's manicure extender. it's fabulous. and also, i would recommend swiping your nails once more with nail polish remover to remove the surface dirt and nail dust (if you file), before applying the base coat.
  4. Through trial and error, I've managed to make my manicures last two to three weeks. Here's what I'd suggest:

    1. Invest in a good top coat. My holy grail is QTICA Extending Top Coat. Even with an extra-strong enamel remover, I have to spend a good fourty seconds rubbing away at each nail in order to get the polish off. When applying the polish, run the brush back and forth over the tips of your nails, taking care to go over the edges -- this is where most of the erosion happens, so it's good to have a little bit of extra protection.

    2. Stay away from moisture, especially when the polish is setting down. (The first twenty four hours or so.) When you're in the shower,
    hold your arms out so that the water doesn't run over your hands. Where possible, make sure to wear rubber gloves.

    3. If you manage to smack and crack your nail, don't wait to apply an extra layer of top coat. Protecting the crack before it gets any worse will buy you an extra day or three before the effects start to show.
  5. Definitely use a good base coat - I use Stickey - it looks blue in the bottle but goes on clear. And reapply the topcoat every couple days.
  6. Before you apply any nail polish take a cotton ball that has been soaked in rubbing alcohol and run it over each nail. It takes the oil and any film off your nails and will help extend the life of your polish. Most polish chips because it is poor adhesion of the polish to the nail due to oil or any filmy substance. It works I swear!
  7. Seche is the best base and top coat brand IMO.
  8. in addition to allthe good advice above: make sure your natural nails are in good condtion. Use a buffer or ridge filler before you pain tthen and see if there's any improvement
  9. i tried that qtica because it was recommended in some other thread but I'm not really happy with it. it doesn't seem to make my nail polish last much, if any, longer. it doesn't take me that long to get it off either.
  10. Usually after manicures, I put a coat of OPI Nail Envy on, it makes it last about 3 or 4 more days for me. Nail Envy is also great if you have thin brittle nails.
  11. gloves when doing dishes
    dont open cans with your nails
  12. ITA, adhension helps alot! I even 'scuff my nails abit, with the fine side of an emory board before starting.