suggestions: the perfect black pump?

  1. What would you consider a must-have, practical, and classic black pump? (If money was something you didn't have to worry about) I'm looking to invest in a pair that I can keep for a long time, because I'm not a heels-person, but I think it's important to own at least one black pump.

    ps. I love louboutin's decollete, but I'm a whimp when it comes to those heels...

    this pair has a nice silhouette..
  2. both jimmy choo and manolo make a great classic pump:

    the new jimmy choo pumps have a lower vamp if you like toe cleavage. i just bought a pair of the "older" style which has a little less revealing toe cleavage area.

    by far though, my favorite pump is the louboutin helmut. it's not that practical though as it's pretty high. but so GORGEOUS.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions jennifer! I really like the manolos! There's something about louboutin's red sole that really wins my heart.. I can't explain it.. it's almost sexier with those red soles...
  4. I was also going to recommend the Helmut...I have basic black Manolo pumps that I love, but there is no denying that the Helmut is one of the most divine looking shoes ever made. I actually find them comfortable considering the height. If you have to order, be aware they run big.
  5. louboutin!
    (maybe the heel is a bit too high:blink:!)
  6. I love that Louboutin can take a regular black pump and make it so unique -- his silhouettes remind me of architectural designs....very addictive once you get into his shoes.

    DECOLLETE 868 is a beautiful classic pump -- it's not quite the sharp pointy-toe pump, but not quite a round toe pump either....combines the best of both worlds. I love it & have it in both beige & black. One word of warning about this pump though is that it's over 4 inches high, about 4.3 inches actually. And it runs narrow (in the front), so it does take some practice walking in it if you're new to high heels.

    HELMUT -- now that's INNOVATIVE design! There's really nothing quite like it (no high-street copies of this design yet, although Stella McCartney did produce a shoe similar to that). First time I saw the Helmut (a couple of years ago on Kirsten Dunst) I fell in love and had to have it. At the time it was way above my budget, so I waited & waited and finally managed to track down a pair. Helmuts are extremely rare to come by these days as they are no longer made/sold at boutiques/Saks/Barneys/Bergdorfs; they have those satin versions of the Helmut with crystals (called Helmoon) occasionally available at Saks, etc....but they are nowhere as versatile as the classic black leather ones. When I called FootCandyShoes about the Helmoons and then asked about the Helmuts, they told me if you see the Helmut in your size on eBay, get it right away coz that's your last chance. Sizing on the Helmut is weird though -- it runs big by a full size so must size down.

    PIGALLE -- I love the low-cut and the intended toe cleavage (very Louboutin-ish), but IMO this 5-inch shoe is more suited for Hollywood celebs who wear it only on the red carpet. It's an absolutely beautiful shoe, but not easy to walk in at all. In other words stunning to look not, but just not practical IMO.

    And finally, my favorite new Louboutin design....

    GWENISSIMA - I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet! Maybe it's b/c this shoe just came out this season and is already sold-out (N-A-P had it and all the sizes were gone in 2 hours). It saddens me that CL isn't making this a permanent design or releasing it in more color/material variations.....b/c this IMO is the best black pump ever. It looks unique, statuesque.....yet is actually walkable. There is a big frenzy about this shoe in the NYC area -- my SAs at CL, Barneys, Saks, Bergdorf, etc. tell me that they get calls about the Gwenissima everyday. Here's what the shoe looks like...not the most flattering pic but you can do a search for it on eBay and see more photos:

  7. ^it's beautiful!:love::love:
    mlertpac, when i posted my perfect shoe i didn't notice you wrote 'practical'...:shame:
  8. the louboutin red sole is undeniably sexy. it makes me feel 10x hotter when i wear them. sick but true, lol!

    how about the louboutin decoltissimo? it's 3-3.5", i think. much more manageable than 4", but still sexy.
  9. foxy- thank you very much for the indepth review of the styles you've listed. It's been super helpful! I think my favorite out of all of them is the gwenissima, but it's a bummer that they're sold out. :smile: I remember seeing them irl at Lane Crawford in HK and I couldn't help but grab and hold them.. You are right on about his shoes being architectural. :flowers:

    mischa- sexy can be practical! :yes:

    jennifer- maybe the decoltissimo is the answer! I can do 3-3 1/2 inches with no sweat.
  10. foxycleopatra, about the helmuts- when you spoke with footcandyshoes, did they say CL wasn't reissuing the helmuts for this fall? :hrmm:
    i heard that was a rumor, but am wondering if you had heard the same thing or otherwise. thanks!
  11. I love the Jimmy Choo ones you posted,Jennifer!! I love the shape at the sides,and they don't look that high.

    I have some Gucci plain black pumps from 2003. I haven't worn them much for some reason....this thread has just reminded me!!
  12. My god.. i think that if I wore the DECOLLETE 868 Louboutin, i'd need to be taxied directly to the entrance of my school, office, party, location. Otherwise, no feet for me for the rest of the day.

    However, I really do agree with MLERTPAC when he said he liked the silhouette of the second pair that she showed through her ebay link.
  13. Yes, Louboutin makes the best black pumps!

    Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana also make wonderful classic black pumps.

    Just go to Neiman Marcus or Saks and try them out!
  14. no neimans or saks where I live.. don't worry though, I'll soon be back in new england... and I'll hit up the stores. I'll keep you ladies posted on what I end up getting. Definitely louboutins, can't pass up the red soles! :heart:
  15. These are great too.

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