Suggestions, s'il vous plait!

  1. Soooooo I found out about this forum through one of my best friends, who is an avid supporter, and was told that you all would be the experts I needed for all my purse needs, anxieties, and inquiries.

    I recently bought a Hayden-Harnett at a GREAT bargain price (eBay) and LOVE it (but unfortunately due to me taking it to work everyday, I need to find a purse conditioner and start the cleaning) and have already felt an itch to go for another.

    I'm obsessed with Jas MB: but alas... the prices are a bit too much (I blame the value of the dollar). I'm looking for purses of similar style to the leather-bound Hayden-Harnetts and Jas MBs... however those are the only two I can think of (besides Marc Jacobs and maybe some Koobas) and would appreciate any advice or suggestions you would offer of purses that are similar in style to those brands. Any ideas??? I'm trying to find good bargain deals online as well, but I know I'm asking for a lot at this point.

    Anyway, I'm excited that this is my first 'official' post, and can't wait to see your responses! Thanks :smile: :woohoo:
  2. welcome!

    I can't think of any with the same feel those bags are beautiful. I really like tano handbags they are little funkier though but they sound like they are in your price range. is having a sale right now on whats left of this falls styles.

    good luck I'm sure some people here will have wonderful suggestions.
  3. Yayyyy my first reply, how exciting! And that's PERFECT - those bags are exactly the direction I'm heading in. I love to learn new brands and names so I can have more depth and gain more knowledge in the purse world, haha. Thanks so much!
  4. your welcome!
  5. What about Michelle Vale or Be and D or Anya Hindmarch www.anyahindmarch? Michelle Vale the newest designer of the three and was instantly named best new designer by Lucky. Kate Bosworth and Cameron Diaz have both been photographed will her bag. They are tres chic because you can switch from gold to silver hardware depending on your mood. Anya and Be and D are both cool, have been around a little longer, but still not over exposed! Hope this helps!
  6. Welcome to the Forum! would be helpful to know what exactly do you like about your Hayden Harnett (which bag is it?) and what you like about JasMb......
    If you can, you should post pics of the bags that you like and it would be easier to give you some alternatives in the same price range.

    Net-a-Porter has some Jas bags on sale......

    I was in London this past October and made a special point to visit the Jas store. IRL - the bags were a bit of a disappointment. The leather is stiffer than I expected and because of this, the bags don't "lay" or fold very neatly. They will of course loosen up over time. Also, I like the look of the cracked leather...BUT the downside is that the leather flakes off of the bag. FWIW....I found more value w/the HH bags when comparing them to HH.

    Anya and Be&D bags ARE gorgeous....but the retail prices of these bags are much more than HH and JasMb.

    Don't'll get a lot of recommendations....check 'em out!
  7. Hi and welcome! You'll get a lot of suggestions for lower priced brands with great designs here, but if you hang out over in the Deals & Steals forum you'll come across some mega sales that will get you the more expensive brands at rock bottom prices. Have you seen the HH sale going on right now?

    Similar brands...have you seen Rebecca Minkoff, Moni Moni, Jenny Yuen, Foley + Corinna, Bulga and Linea Pelle?
  8. I was just thinking that this morning! I forgot to mention that I'm looking out for more of the bigger bags - mainly for work - but something that's cute enough to wear on the weekends as well... I'm starting to like the wide, draped/saggy satchels more and more. What I love about Jas MB specifically is that classic, old-fashioned dark brown leather look... kind of resembling a Ralph Lauren style.

    All of your suggestions are GREAT and so helpful, and thanks to you all I'm discovering new deals and brands. Thanks again!! :smile:
  9. Also, it's a shame to hear that the Jas MB's are more stiff and crack easier than I realize... but I agree with you on the HH... I got one recently and it has definitely served me well!
  10. Heeeeeeeeey PRI!

    Aren't these women amazingly helpful?


    Where are we having dinner tomorrow?!
  11. Oh Chinsumo
    So it was you who got PretApri hooked into HH!!!!!!

    Did you ever get the glue off the thing you did on your Sonja????

    PretApril - have you checked the HH sale that is on at the moment???
  12. Guilty as charged. :tup:

    And, I did try the powdered make-up thing, and it worked (sort of, you can still see the discoloration just slighitly). Also, one of the other spots actually started fading.