Suggestions please...

  1. I posted this a little while ago but didn't get many suggestions, just objection to the black epi pochette.

    WELL, I was bidding on a black epi pochette and just found out that I've been outbid.

    I really want a shoulder bag for winter...preferrably not a very large bag (ie, Saleya will not work for me) something around the size of a pochette, maybe a little larger, would be perfect.

    I was thinking of waiting for the Azur to come out and get the pochette, but realized that it will have vachetta. :sad: Bag must be water/snow/rain proof since we're expecting a lot of snow here in Calgary this year.

    Any suggestions would help, give me ideas! :flowers:
  2. how about the Damier Navona, or Papillon? i think the Papillon 30 is the best size, but that may be a little to big for you; the 26 might be all right too.
  3. how about the damier ravello or navona? or you could wait until the pochette comes out in damier (to replace the navona). only thing is that unless you have the pochette extender it might be hard to get the strap on your shoulder if you're wearing a big winter jacket. good luck on your search!
  4. Hmmm I don't think there is anything wrong with Epi!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah, you could still stick with epi! There are some cute shoulder bags that are bigger than the pochette (Segur & Matsy come to mind), but how about the Sarvanga?


    Elux says it's perfect to be tucked under your arm with a coat, and can hold all the essentials! They only have mandarin left on elux (I am tempted to get one ... oh yeah, that ban :graucho: :crybaby:), but they might have other colors elsewhere.
  6. :yes: :yes: exactly what I thought..
  7. The trotteur has the strap lenght of a musette (what about this one in damier?) and fits double the amount of a pochette, only gripe is the vachetta
  8. Yep, I agree with the Damier Ravello or I love the Damier Aubagne too!:yes:
  9. How about a Damier Musette Tango or Salsa? I recently got a Musette Salsa long strap... I LOVE it... it is going to be my winter bag :smile:
  10. ravello pm!
  11. I agree with Yeuxhonnetes and Bagsnbags suggestion. I think the Damier Navona or the papillon(30 will be too big for what you are looking for, but the 26 will be nice) would be a lovely choice.
  12. really?
    QUOTE (from monkeydog)
    you could wait until the pochette comes out in damier (to replace the navona). IS THAT TRUE?
  13. Both the navona and rebello pm are cute. Have you thought about the Illovo PM? I don't have it but have seen it in person and think it seems very spacious for a small bag.
  14. Ok I think I've made up my mind!

    It's not really anything that anyone here suggested but this thread gave me ideas, andI've decided that it will be the papillon 26! I've had my eyes on the CB papillon for ages but know that I won't ever use it because I'm so paranoid about the rubbing off of the CBs. Soooo...I'm going to get the mono papillon 26 instead, in the older style, with the non-vachetta straps!

    I think it was meant to be: I emailed let-trade asking them to let me know when they get a papillon 26/30 without the vachetta...and they emailed me back right away saying they have a 26 up now!! So, I'm just waiting for their response and hopefully nobody has inquired about it yet! *fingers crossed*

    I just don't want to give up mono for the winter...if I buy another Damier, I'd have two Damier, one Epi but no mono to use during the winter :sad: I love the Ravello and the Navona as well as the Damier papillon, but...I love mono more!!

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
  15. I think so. Azur will be released in the Pochette Accessoires and not the Navona...and I think they will just discontinue the Navona as soon as they're all gone and they will replace it with the pochette.