Suggestions please....

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  1. My hunny and I are going to cali in march and going to take an over night to vegas. He said I cant leave Vegas without an LV... (lv=LAs vegas) our first trip.
    I would like to get a bag and maybe a wallet. I have been thinking about the totally in Mono, neverfull MM (mono most likely)...suggestions please nothing over 1000$
    and for wallets had my mind set on a vernis pti in pomme if i can get one(it will match my vernis cles)

    I dont care for wallets that fold my money so the french and that size are out ...amd dont really care for the pochette wallet, still debating maybe damier....

    How is everyone's azur pti holding up?...
  2. I would definitely get the Mono NF. And for the wallet, why not a Zippy? Those are great!
  3. I have thought about the vernis pomme in the zippy but just not sure i 100% about it and like the style. I will for sure check those out when I get to LV.

    thanks for the suggestion....
  4. definitely something in vernis!!!!! I have a black mc pti, but LONG for something in vernis!!!! good luck!!!
  5. I only like the zippy in the vernis .. Pomme for sure. Its just an amazing color:smile: and very durable.
  6. My favorite wallet is the vernis zippy!!!!

    For a bag I love the neverfull or the galleria or even something in vernis like the alma PM but that is over $1000
  7. :yahoo:@ great choices.. Not interested in the vernis alma .. but thanks for the suggestion.
  8. pomme zippy is gorgeous!! how about palermo pm or sologne? I'm starting to think sologne is really cute.
  9. definately a Zippy like it a lot better than the PTI. I don't like the Neverfull that much Galliera is great! What about Tivoli? It's cute!
  10. My sister has the Totally MM in Azur and I have the Neverfull MM in Damier, both are great everyday bags!! As for wallets, she has a Zippy Organizer and I have the PTI - both are great wallets! The Zippy holds a bit more than the PTI but I chose PTI because I'm not a fan of the zip-around look. Both wallets are very functional though, plus the pen loop is a little bonus. If you do plan on getting a wallet in Azur, I suggest PTI since the whole wallet is coated/glazed, where as the Zippy is not.
  11. mono nf sounds great=) i love mine=)
  12. I own a zippy organizer and love it! Zippy wallet in pomme is an excellent choice and i think you won't regret. As far as the handbag under $1000, I would suggest a Speedy. It can be dressed up or down, for me the bigger the better, therefore my recommendation would be Speedy 35. However, the neverfull in mm seems like a great option too. I would get it in Damier Ebene!
  13. How about the Monty GM? I am really loving mine. Pair that with the Pomme Zippy Wallet and you have a winning combo!
  14. My vote is a Damier Neverfull mm and Emilie or Josephine wallet in red, to match. A lot of people don't like the new wallets, but they keep my money straight and fresh and I can hold at least 8 cards, by doubling up the slots, without stretching them. Together they would be adorable. You should take a look;)
  15. I'm going to follow this thread, too, because I am going to Las Vegas this summer and will be buying LV there as well! :P