Suggestions please!

  1. okies, now that i've started work, i realise i NEED a bag that can hold my documents and folders (A4 size will do). didn't have a problem until now cos i never brought my speedies to school. so ladies, and gentlemen of course (: what bag would you suggest as a good work bag? the bag should be big enough to fit A4.

    i fell in love with the neverfull MM, then fell out of love with it, and BH or BV are good alternatives, but i feel like i'm not in love with them completely either. any other bags i overlooked?

    for those who have the saleya MM, is it a good work bag? does the zippered top get in the way? does it fit A4 comfortably?

  2. I was going to suggest BH, but you already thought about that. Before I make a suggestion, do you have a set budget?
  3. anything below or around the price range of the saleya is fine. (: