Suggestions please =)

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  1. Hello lovely ladies of Balenciaga :smile: I'm planning on getting my first Balenciaga handbag and I'd like to know what your thoughts are on a good one to buy ;) I.m an LV addict, but having looked at some of the pics here I've become quite enamored with some of the bags.. I was thinking the city bag? :sos: I saw a gorgeous fuschia one and I'm sooo tempted to get it!
  2. Hey, if you want the fucshia one - it's called Magenta, and Balenciaga is actually re-releasing a limited edition of that color in the City style ... call Balenciaga New York to see if any are still available. Even though they are limited edition, the price is still the same - $1195 for a regular hardware City.
  3. awesome! thanks SO much for that info :smile: one more question, which is more practical - the part time or the city bag? i want a bag that's not overly huge but yet still a good size like say the chloe paddington..
  4. Definitely the City, IMHO.
  5. Do you like shoulder bags or handheld bags? Big or small?
  6. i like handheld that can also go over the shoulder :smile: based on all your wonderful input i went ahead and pre ordered the magenta giant city with silver from the new york store. thanks SO much! they say it'll be delivered in august! woot!
  7. Whoa!! Congrats!!! :tup:
  8. City will work for you! The handles with stretch out over time and you'll be able to fit it over your shoulder, no prob!
  9. you must get the LE magenta one. it is so gorgeous and still available from balenciaga NY. give them a call. good luck in your decisions!
  10. city is a good starter.....i can't wait to see some pics of your magenta SH :smile:
  11. Wow - you've pre-ordered the Magenta! Well done.

    Please post pics when it arrives it sound absolutely gorgeous with Giant Silver Hardware - awesome.
  12. k so i changed my mind and changed it to the magenta with regular hardware.. decided against the giant hardware for now :smile: