Suggestions Please!

  1. I've decided to get a new wallet from the Groom line. My problem is, which color to get? Help! Which one's better: the red, green, or blue zipped compact wallet?

  2. I really like the blue.
  3. I like the blue or green. Those colors, in my opinion, match so well with the classic monogram.
  4. I love the red, I'm all about red and mono or damier, gives a nice pop and goes so well w/ linings in the bags.
  5. I like the way the Red looks best.
  6. I prefer the blue!
  7. I prefer red, is it still available??? I thought they sold out already..
  8. I LOVE the Green Zippy!
  9. Red- I thought I answered this already?
  10. Definately red!! It goes soo well with both mono and damier!!
  11. I love the Blue!! But the red is beautiful too (heh, not much help, am I?). Blue is my Fave. color, so I purchased that one.
  12. i've always liked the red groom :smile:
  13. I like red! But honestly, get the one that makes you smile when you see it! :smile:
  14. The only color I like from the Groom collection is green.
  15. I like the blue one....its gorgeous ;)