Suggestions please....I live far away from the boutique

  1. Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm going to buy my first chanel bag next week in London. I do not live in London.
    I'm afraid that the bag I want might not be available. So, do you have any suggestions if I have to waitlist for the bag I want?
    It's not easy for me to go to London. I heard that many people just give credit card details to their SAs and some told the SAs to send the bags to them. Can I do that?:confused1: And another thing is that I'm an international student here, I did not apply for credit card.I have only debit card as it's easier to manage my account.

    Thank you.

    And sorry for my english... :shame:
  2. Which bag do you want or which are you looking for? If you have to waitlist for a bag you want, I suggest leaving your name, number, and card info with the SA and having them just send it to you when it's in stock. Either that or give you a call so you can go look at it

    I don't know if Chanel does international phone orders but if you're studying abroad in London, I'm sure they (the UK boutiques) could send it to you. You dont need a credit card, debit card is fine.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I'm looking for small bag. I think that there are many small bags I haven't seen. But I saw two bags that I like in chanel forum. I'll find the pics. But I'm not sure about the availability.
    I live in Birmingham now and this trip might be my last trip to London before I go back to my country in June. Although I have many months left but I have to study very hard during that time.
    Thank you very much mello_yello_jen. It helps a lot. :flowers:
  4. If you're going to London, then I guess they have several Chanel butiques there to go to in case one doesn't have what you're looking for. But I'm sure that you can call down and ask if they have or can get you what you want :flowers:
  5. Here are the pics I've found in chanel forum.
    CCsilver.jpg TpPatentClutch re.jpg
  6. Thank you very much sweetlove :flowers:

  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there a Selfridges in Birmingham, it may have a Chanel department?
  8. I agree- call around and see if you can locate the bags you want and to find out about their shipping policy. A debit card is fine to use.
    Good luck finding your bags- the clutch you want is beautiful!
  9. Thank you very much cammy1 :flowers: I checked again but there is no Chanel at Selfridges Birmingham :sad:
    Thank you very much sammiekat :flowers: I hope I can find the bag I like :smile: .
  10. Thank you very much cammy1 :flowers: I checked again but there is no Chanel at Selfridges Birmingham :sad:
    Thank you very much sammiekat :flowers: I hope I can find the bag I like :smile: .
    I'll call them...
  11. :confused1: OK, I am running out of idaes to help you:sad: I know that Harrods do deliver items to customers within the UK and abroad, so you could try to call them and if they have it I am sure they could arrange for it to be delivered to you? Go to the Harrods website and get their number and you will be connected to the Chanel. They should hopefully have your bag as they have a large selection of Chanel bags. Good luck :sweatdrop: Ifthis does'nt work try the botiques and see whatthey can arrange for you.
  12. Thank you very very much cammy1. I got their number as you suggested. And I also got other boutiques' numbers too. I'm so excited to call them because my english is not good. I'll write down things I want to say. I'll try my best. Thank you again for your help :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: