Suggestions on what to wear with these shoes please!!

  1. Greetings Ladies!

    I am anxious to wear these (my first pair BTW!:yahoo:) during this holiday general really, but need suggestions on what to pair them with. Any suggestions for a :drool: ensemble????

  2. anything and everything your heart desires! theyd be hot with skinny jeans or leggings and a flowy top, or a nice dress, or anything really. theyre very pretty!!
  3. You'd really showcase them with a pale pink colored dress! Of course they'll look great with skinny jeans, etc.
  4. thanks for both of your suggestions! i'm so excited to wear them but have all the first time anxiety/ know: will the outfit look right? am i overdoing it? underdoing it? etc. lol
  5. I think they'll look good with any primaries -- I think red would be hot!
  6. i love them. electric blue is SO HOT!
    i say wear them with dark skinny jeans and a white or black flowy top
    those shoes would look great with a classic black dress and a red belt clinched at the waist
  7. Dark wash skinny jeans and a tunic. At Saks, they have the greatest tunics..I love them. BCBG makes amazing ones. You should check them out sometime. These shoes would look great with anything..!