Suggestions on Wallets???

  1. I’m thinking about exchanging my Pochette Felicie with a wallet. I just don’t think I’ll use the Felicie much and don’t want it to just sit in my closet. I’m debating between the zippy, Clemence, Sarah, Emile or Jeanne? I’m confused atm. Any recommendations?
  2. I have the Clemence and Emilie and love them both. The Emilie is great, but only has 4 card slots which is enough for me, and the Clemence is nice when you need a little more room. The Clemence is a nice size also and I like it’s slimness. I’ve used both for years and have no complaints on either and have had no issues with quality or problems with them.
  3. Zippy!
  4. I have a Clemence and really like it...enough card spots without being too bulky.
  5. When I was debating between the jeanne and the victorine, another SA diff from the one helping me lol, interjected and told me to get the jeanne :smile:

    The jeanne has a lot of configurations, the main one being that you can use the cardholder in small bags (I throw mine in a mini pochette) or use it as a full size wallet. It has a generous back pocket like the Sarah and (with the cardholder) 8 slots total.

    Similar to the josephine / felicie, it comes with a removable coin insert which I use for gift cards and coupons.

    I also love that it can fit a phone inside the main compartment and I dont have to fold bills.

    I still want to get another LV wallet but cant justify it since the jeanne works for everything.

    However, if you have a lot of cards to carry, the Sarah or clemence is probably better.

    I know some dont like the tri color configuration but I love mine :smile: and hot stamped all three pieces
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  6. I have the Emilie which I love for bigger bags, and when I need more things, and also a Victorine, which is compact and mightly that I use for my smaller bags and also as an everyday wallet.
  7. I was thinking the same thing about the Jeanne versatility. With the Jeanne being 565 I can go ahead and get the clemence also since I have to spend at least $880 because it was an exchange from my damage bags. I paid $400 something in difference so I would get a refund if I return the felice.
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  8. I really love my Clemence! It is long but it’s thin and has so much space for card slots.
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  9. Clemence
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  10. I recently bought my Clemence with dangling pink flowers and I absolutely love it. It fits so many things. If you want a small wallet this would probably not be for you. But if you need space for lots of cards and cations things. I highly recommend!
  11. So I went to the store today and came home with these beauties. Thanks ladies! [​IMG]
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  12. How do you like the Emilie? I am waiting for mine to arrive. I ordered the Damier Ebene
  13. I think you made gorgeous choices!
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    Agree with you on the Jeanne! I first bought the Victorine bec. of its size. I'm tired of changing wallets when I change bags from big to micro and vice versa. But the Victorine tends to crease on the folding opening part when I put more paper bills so I exchanged it for the Jeanne and couldn't be any happier

  15. Congrats to you OP for your choices. Had the Emilie too before. It's so easy to use! Enjoy your gorgeous wallets in good health!