Suggestions on the perfect slouchy leather hobo?

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  1. My search for the perfect slouchy hobo has proven frustratingly unsuccssful thus far but I figure if there's anyone who could help me with my search it would be all you wonderful tPFer's! Admittedly, I'm a bit picky so this has been quite a challenge. I'm looking for a leather hobo that's perfectly slouchy but also:

    1) Has a zipper closure (this seems to rule out the majority of hobos on the market right now)

    2) No huge logos or prints

    3) Comes in black, dark grey or red

    4) Silver hardware preferred but not a deal breaker at this point

    5) Costs $2k or less

    So what do you think ladies and gentlemen? Is there a bag out there that would be perfect for me?
  2. Balenciaga day?
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    Christopher Kon - zenny hobo

    it's called the "small" but it's pretty big!

    I believe there's a larger size too, but nordies doesn't carry it

    or how about a lovely chloe paddington hobo?

    Nordstrom only shows brown but I'd bet it comes in other colors too

    Belen Echandia "Enchant Me" hobo (that's a midi version, there's a bigger full size version and you can go through their custom bespoke service to pick your own leather, lining, etc.)
  4. My favorite is the BV cervo hobo. It has a magnetic closure (not quite as secure as a zipper, but close). Retail is ~$1200

    You can find many excellent photos in the BV forum.

  5. Love this!:love::heart:
  6. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll have to go check these out. Thanks again!
  7. I am loving that Christopher Kon zenny hobo. I want! Now, do I want lilac or gray...

    That would be my pick.
  8. Do you care if it's designer or premium designer?
  9. don't care!

    I did find one at TJ maxx... let me post the pic
  10. :smile:

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  11. I don't have a preference for designer or premium.

    I will say that I looked at Christopher Kon's site since I've never heard of that brand before and he has some beautiful bags (granted, a lot of his designs seem "inspired" by others but that seems to be the norm nowadays).
  12. Have you checked out the hobos on ebags? They have 476 hobo bags...some are designer. I like the Cole Haans best.

    Hobo bags at Ebags