suggestions on taking out smell...

  1. i just got an epi bucket today at a very good price, it's just slightly used, unfortunately, it smells -- cigarette smell, i think the owner used to put cigarettes or whatver... any suggestions? do i just air it out? How long?
  2. fabreeze and fresh air
    wipe down the outside of the bag with leather cleaner.

    Good Luck!
  3. I agree!
  4. Newspaper & coffee beans are good as well
  5. Dryer sheets work well too, but wrap them in a paper towel, because they can be oily.
  6. Let the bag air. For the interior, baking soda would help.
  7. Let it air out. Also I've used baking soda or coffee beans (put in a small bowl and put it in the bag. There is also some stuff that I got at the hardware store that comes in a little plasic bowl. It's an odor neutralizer. I can't remember the name but I used it to get the smell of mothballs out of our closet in the house we were renting. :flowers:
  8. Please try all the suggestions and good luck.
  9. put a vanilla [haha] air freshner in it! lol.. ok w/e i just like vanilla.
  10. Febreeze dryer sheets are incredible! I forgot which PF'er told me about them, but they work like magic.
  11. great! thanks.. will try baking soda first.. icant air it out bec im still hiding it from DH, since it's my 4th purchase in 2 months... not that he's gonna get madd, i just feel guilty....