Suggestions on next style

  1. My wonderful husband surprised me with a much longed for Black Birkin 35 with palladium when we found out we were expecting. My issue is that now that the baby is here, I rarely get to carry it as my hands are full and I don't want to risk scuffing it or dropping it. My husband is quite put out by this as he feels that he got me the best purse ever and here I don't use it. Yes - we've actually had this conversation! :yes:

    So my question to everyone here is, what other style of Hermes handbag do you recommend that can be shoulder carried? I am lugging a diaper bag at the moment, it's okay but certainly not Hermes chic, and I would love to have a handbag that can be slung on the shoulder to leave my hands free for the baby and all her goodies. My husband says his vote if for a red Kelly in a 28 size. I'm not sure if that size is large enough for even a large wallet. (And I LOVE RAISIN color bags.)Ideas, anyone?

    Oh, and if you know prices for your suggestions that would help immensely!
  2. What about a Garden Party? I think the 35cm one would be big enough for all baby's things:smile:
  3. Gazoo, would a JPG birkin suit your needs? It's large enough to carry all your wallet and other purse contents as well as some baby essentials. I know I've seen these around for around 8- or 9k.

    But if you'd like to keep your handbag completely separate, a Kelly with shoulder strap would be lovely! Maybe in a slightly larger size. Is 32 too large/small? To give you an idea on price, here are some at CDL:

    Authentic Luxury Birkin, Kelly - Createurs De Luxe | Bags

    and at luxwear:
  4. I would not use a 28cmKelly for a diaper bag, way too small, it is the only Hermes item I have so atleast I know that!!!! I have a 3 year won't need this new bag for that long, they grow fast, soon you will be using your gorgeous Birkin:love:
  5. I suggest a Hermes JPG birkin 42 or a Garden Party. A kelly, IMO, not useful to store baby essentials. You can continue using them after your child grows up. Not only that, your Hermes collection will grow too.:flowers:
  6. I agree. JPG is definitely the way to go.:yes:
  7. There is also the Evelyne and the Trim that are shoulder bags; however I recommend these strictly for your own belongings if that's what you're looking for--a shoulder bag for your items and the diaper bag for your baby's. I have to say that I strayed when we had our DD--Birkins were put on hold for a bit and the old Balenciagas and Chanel totes came out. Birkins came back into the picture when DD started walking at around 13 months.
  8. Although I have never seen one IRL, maybe a 31 or 37 Bolide MOU (hopefully this is the right terminology) may work. Maybe the 37 Bolide is too big?! I have never seen one IRL, so difficult for me to assess.

    The reason why are:

    1. There is a shoulder strap, as well as a hand strp.

    2. MOU is the slouchy leather, so there is more give in the bag. In other words, you can stuff things in the Bolide, like an extra bottle or two?

  9. As the proud owner of a JPG I need also to point out its disadvantages: pockets so things are hard to locate in what can be a black hole
    2.too big if you have to have a shoulder bag AND a diaper bag

    I would suggest a Plume, which conveniently slings over the shoulder, is pretty elegant (to balance out the diaper bag you're schlepping around) and is, at least to my mind, the only other H bag besides the Birkin!
  10. Gazoo, as my children grow up - the eldest is in her teens - I realise how fast it all goes. The diaper phase will be over in a flash (even though it may not feel like it at the time) and you will be able to really enjoy your birkin. You will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy it soon - not that I want to discourage you from that essential purchase of another Hermes bag....
  11. oh, and the JPG shoulder birkin are just too darn heavy without anything in it!

    the SAC EN V bag that's coming out spring 07 may be an option - it's a cross between a plume and a bolide. it comes in various sizes too!
  12. I know some gals sling the kelly bag across their body messenger style - which would work if you are still using a diaper bag. I agree - it will be a short phase overall...maybe get the kelly for you and a Garden Party tote for baby's things!!!
  13. Tell your husband that you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the most FAB handbag ever and that you're just trying to be careful with it because you love it and want to treasure it. I have two small kids and usually carry my Trim more than the Birkin when I'm out with them.
    I'd recommend that bag or a Kelly 28 or 32 with a strap. Same Luxe feel as the Birkin with a little more ease!
  14. I love my Evelyne for shopping or running errands. It's great because it's light and you can wear it on the shoulder or messenger style. You don't even feel it is there when you wear it messenger style which would be a plus when you have to carry so much other stuff. :flowers:
  15. I wouldn't dare put any baby things in an Hermes, except maybe a small toy or a beautifully embroidered cloth diaper to have just to wipe up something (not a traditional diaper). I've been getting ribbed by my hair girl cause lately I just slip into the salon with my diaper bag on my shoulder. She said to me, "you've gotta get yourself a cute bag" and I thought I have the holy grail of bags in my closet - thank you very much. Anyway - I'd love another bag that's a little more wearable in the sense of shouldering it. Crochetbella, your bag is gorgeous. Anyone have a photo of trims? I know the basic shape but do they come in multiple sizes?