Suggestions on next flap color?

  1. I currently own classics in black w/gold hardware, black with silver hardware, patent blue with silver hardware, brown w/silver modern chain, white reissue w/silver hardware and bordeux reissue w/ silver hardware ...(pix attached except for the brown flap)

    What color should I go for next??
    Classics.jpg reissues.jpg
  2. These are what I have now (including a brown flap with the modern chain). What color would you recommend next?
    Classics.jpg reissues.jpg
  3. Hmm how bout a red, plum, or blue fonce. All of which happen to be extremely hard to find lol.

    Or how bout a metallic reissue?
  4. well it depends what you want to wear it with, b.c. a beige one would go with everything, but you could get a red one(in a more bold shade than you have in the reissue) oh and i love the grey colored flap
    hope this helped
  5. oops looks like you posted this twice, I'll merge them since they both have responses:biggrin:
  6. Beige, grey or pink depending on what you would wear it with.
  7. I think on on bright or light coral woule be gorgeous and of course red too.
  8. Light beige would be nice! Red would be great too but its not very easy to find.
  9. You definitely need a light color flap bag in your collection. Go with a pink, beige....etc
  10. beige
  11. Maybe pink or beige or purple.
  12. Definitely grey! I consider that a classic neutral colour that goes with anything. Plus it's a very "in" colour right now.
  13. red or metallic!
  14. red!
  15. Red is also good. I consider that a classic too!