suggestions on LEGACY bangles?

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  1. I wanted to get two bangles, the three colors I like is the thin gold on gold, the legacy striped, and the green and gold. I don't want to go bigger then the 98$ one, so can you suggest a combo for me? TIA!:heart:
  2. the stripes. You could use it with a lot of outfits.
  3. The gold/gold is the only one I've seen left in stock at any of the Coach stores around me, its beautiful... Don't take long to decide like I did or you might miss out! *:sad: silver/pool 1/2" sold out*
  4. So what do you girls think of thin gold and next size stripes?
  5. i really like the stripe bangle, but unfortch my wrist is child sized and all the bangles are too big! i'm so mad that they aren't adjustable!!!!
  6. The striped one is lovely. I also like the mahogany/gold. The pink/punch color is beautiful. It's funny - I had the green/gold and gold/gold combo and returned them. I mix the striped with the silver ones, too.
  7. I have the thin striped and the gold/gold striped. I will try to take a pic in the morning for you to give you an idea as to what they look like together.