suggestions on how to sell DIY stuff?

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  1. it's summer and i'm bored out of my mind :hysteric:

    ... so i decided to start creating DIY totebags and stuff and maybe try to sell them. but i'm not really sure how to go about selling my stuff. I've posted them on another forum i'm a member of, but no results yet :crybaby: i would love to have some extra money so i can buy stuff for the new school year...

    if any of you guys have experience with selling your items online and would be kind enough to offer some guidance, please help me out because i don't know what to do :shrugs:


    (btw, ebay isn't an option)
  2. Maybe you could rent a booth at a street fair. Many towns have craft fairs in the summertime!
  3. Maybe make a website and sell it on there? Or go to local stores and ask if you could sell them there?
  4. you can try I think a few people here use it.
  5. ^checked it out :smile: looks like a good idea, but i don't really like the whole commision thing, where a certain percentage of your sales go to etsy. maybe i'll try it out if i can't find any *cheaper* options.

    thanks for your help :smile: :smile:
  6. I think creating a website is an excellent idea because promotion from there is simple as long as you can get your link out there on the web, i.e. linked to other sites, on forums like this, circulated through email, etc. Good luck in selling your bags!! I would love to see what sort of things youre creating.
  7. If you live in a decent sized city, there are always DIY craft fairs. Try to find DIY craft messageboards or *****-n-stitch circles, and see if they can tell you who organizes these fairs and see about getting a table. Also, try to find little boutiques in your area and e-mail them with info about your website or go with samples of your work and see if they will take your items on consignment.

    I have a friend who makes crafts and is trying to make a fulltime business out of it. She's had the most success at craft fairs. She also contacted boutiques in her city as well as other areas and sells stuff on consignment. She's a great networker so all of this eventually led to getting local press and a writeup in a women's magazine. The most important thing is to have as many people see your work so it will either lead to sales or generate word of mouth that will lead to other opportunities.

    Good luck!
  8. Send me a picture of the purses you have. I may be able to put them on my site...I'm starting a direct sales business...maybe you can be one of my wholesalers...

    This Web site coming soon