suggestions on first lv purchase?

  1. yes, i am a lv newbie! i am looking for: a great multipurpose bag and like the damier, partial but not limited to one strap bags. open to suggestions and opinions! also, i am not near an lv store, would have to order online or an auction.

    i could read this forum for hours....

  2. Go to Great way to get exposed to all the styles, it will be another site you can spend hrs on!!
  3. i have the chelsea damier and i love it its a multipurpose bag it can fit my laptap and other stuff as well i use it as a travel bag or daily bag when i need to carry a lot of things .. here's a pic (illovo and chelsea) sorry dont have a pic of chelsea only ... hope this helps
  4. Hi Welcome!!! You could also check out You can see prices there too. They have a one strap bag called the MM Looping bag in mono and a couple in damier. Good luck!!!
  5. Welcome, The Parioli in damier sound nice.
  6. Saleya PM or MM. Is a Great Multipurpose Bag.
  7. I love my Saleya PM. It's a great everyday bag!!! :biggrin:
  8. For a first timer, I would invest in a classic! Speedy 25, mono or damier. Buy it now, wear it in 50 years :yes:
  9. I'm not a Damier fan, but out of this collection I like the Saleya PM/MM, Papillon 30, and the Belem PM/MM...
  10. A lot of people here like their Damier Chelseas (I'm thinking of getting one myself!). It's not Damier, but I have the Batignolles Horizontal, and I love it. And then of course the Speedy is a classic choice for a first LV.
  11. My first purchase was the Monogram Cabas Piano. It's still my favorite. Goes with practically everything, and as a comfortable shoulder bag or hand held, it's great for shopping. Easy to get in and out of and holds a ton of stuff. If I could only own one LV, this would be it!
  12. I really like the way the Damier Papillon or the Manosque PM looks. It's not the most functional bag ever but it looks sooo cute. But for a functional bag I'd have to say get a Parioli or the Chelsea.
  13. If you can stand to wait, I'd SO a damier piano or mezzo, I much prefer it in damier than in monogram !
  14. thanks, everyone! i have decided on the chelsea (gorgeous!) and it will be my birthday present to myself! :biggrin:

    however, it is not on the elux website! i'm too scared to buy a lv on ebay, if i call 800.vuitton can they find one for me? (remember, i'm on the coast, not near an lv store)

    also, since i am a newbie, how do i log into the marketplace, or am i not allowed? just wanted to check there as well.
  15. I love the Chelsea! I'm considering that one also. It's not been on elux for a while, but just call the toll-free number or one of the stores and they should be able to get it for you. Post pics when you get it.

    As far as the Marketplaza, you have to apply for access. People are accepted if they've been here long enough, posted enough, etc. You can look at Vlad's guidelines. I think that's over in the General forum.