Suggestions on Dressing Up an Alma

  1. Hello everyone!

    I need your help once again :push:. i've been itching to get something to sexify my black epi alma (w/ silver hardware) even more, but i don't even know where to begin! I see all of your heavenly bags w/ the charms, scarves, and bandeaus and it seems like mine isn't "complete" just yet. i'm thinking of getting a bandeau or a scarf, but i'm open to new ideas. pics would be greatly appreciated and thanks again for all your help! :heart:
  2. Get a cute charm of some sort!
  3. ooo :]

    what about a bandeau or a hermes twilly?

    i love the pastilles bracelet :] i think its cutee

    perhaps a Juicy Couture charm or maybe a coach/hermes cute leather charm? hope that helps :]
  4. i think a black epi will look cute in coloured key rings like these :

    mc pastilles keyholder 315$ / greylots keyholder 315
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    or mc pastilles keychain 395 for a understated look

    while the grelots keychain 395 is more fun and playful
  5. Since it has silver hardware, maybe you could go with the Glitter Key Holder? [The one with the disco ball.]
  6. Agree with John if it has silver hardware.
  7. thanks for all of the pics seahorseinstripes, i absolutely LOVE THIS!...i like my things to be subtle, but different--hence the black if only it were in silver :graucho: i'd be all over it in a heart beat!...wait...does it even come in silver? no right? sorry i'm such a n00b :push:.

    John 5: i really like the glitter ball, but do you know if the ball is relatively big?. i don't want to blind people as i pass by when the light hits it just right :roflmfao: .
  8. There is a cute black Tiffany bandeau. That might look nice on your black epi alma.
  9. The black epi alma is one of my dream bags... Have fun dressing her up!
  10. hmm...thanks for the link melopuff. this glitter ball key holder is already really starting to grow on me! i may have to check it out in the store sooner than i expected to.

  11. do you know where i can find it? i tried looking online and came up with nothing =(
  12. no problemo! haha im hoping to get the gold one for my speedy its very wow IRL :biggrin:
  13. oh no!...i might have to watch myself going in then. well, at least i know my store credit will be put to good use, right? :graucho:
  14. if i have a alma...i will buy a twilly thou..

    if u preder...a bandeau...i love the new LV bandeau...which has slight maroon n black...n gold colour LV wording (hope i remember correctly)

    yes...the LV small disco ball thingy looks nice too :smile:

    haha...of no help here...i hardly remember those product names :p

    Hope u take a pic n show us when its done :smile:

    hehe...congrats on your new purchase :smile: