Suggestions On Coach Legacy Parchment

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  1. I am in search for a bag for spring/summer. I do like the Legacy Tote 12705 but I am unsure of the zip closure. Does anyone have this type of zip closure where the zipper is not attached to the bag from end to end? Seems like it would be a pain to open & close this. I am also looking at the Legacy medium flap 12654. Does anyone have either one of these bags and which do you prefer? Thanks so much for your help!:tup:
  2. Helo, I think that zipper on the tote is really easy to close..and the legacy lining is beautiful. That one i got as a gift and have a gift certificate for the bag and the wallet. The black and brown flap are great bags. I highly recommend them...They are confortable and easy to wear and they were at the outlets for $140.00. I believe the tote was about $170.00 and the wallet to match $85.00. That was during my go crazy outlet phase. I think that is over except for my credits to use up at the boutique or outlet. Hope that helps you.
  3. I love the tote and have 2 of them. The zipper is not a pain, I don't unzip it all the way or it would be I suppose. I keep my wallet on the size that unzips first and I can unzip it most of the way with no problems at all.