suggestions on a red wallet?

  1. hey all, im looking for a wallet, not a huge checkbook size but a regular, smaller one. someone said that saying their grandmother would always tell them about prospering with a red wallet, and while i do not know if it is true or not, i like the idea (and it couldnt hurt if it worked lol). any suggestions? if not what about a brown one?
  2. Here's one to consider .....
    LV epi wallet - $495 (It comes in red)
  3. My thoughts exactly!!!
  4. I have the red Epi Koala wallet. I highly recommend it.
  5. Aarti - indie designers etc :smile:

    Leather: CL Whiting

    Non-leather: Queen Bee Creations, Blissen, randL
    Women's secretariat
    Queen Bee Cluster wonderboy wallet (available in plum)

    I've also posted a pic of blissen's sherbet stripe pocket wallet - doesn't it look delicious? :smile:

    randL - has a range of interesting-looking wallets which are sold on a few great indie sites like elsewares.
    randL square root
  6. Kat, I was thinking the same thing...the red is gorgeous in the LV epi wallet.
  7. I have a LV epi red compact wallet and it's just lovely and easy to maintain because the epi is pretty durable.
  8. Red epi koala!
  9. that was my grandmother!!!!!

    Red is hard to find, I guess because I am always on the look out.
    Coach has some nice ones and Carolina Herrara always has red as it is her signature color.
  10. the red Epi Koala or French Purse
    or the red/geranium Suhali Zipped Compact