Suggestions on a new Carly??

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  1. Ok, so my sister's friend bought my Chelsea Optic Hobo and my Multi Print Soho Hobo sold on ebay so I am ready to buy a new Carly, but really don't know which one to get. I am leaning towards the Metallic but my husband is making me mad telling me it's ugly and it looks like a "ball of foil"!! I personally love it!! Would you get the Metallic or a different color....OR a totally different bag? Open to suggestions. And now I only have 2 Carlys.. black/black and khaki/saddle.
  2. I think the metallic one is gorgeous from the pictures and not a 'ball of foil!' It sounds like you really like the Carlys but you might find more options if you branch out to other styles because a lot of the Carlys are khaki with just different colors of trim UNLESS you go for the chili (yum!) or the turquoise or parchment etc in the leathers! My vote would be the metallic though :love:
  3. I am eying the metallic carly for myself (khaki/bronze)

    LOL@ ball of foil
  4. If I can buy a new Carly now I will get the turquoise one. Otherwise I will buy the khaki/black but I have it already and I love it!!!!!!!!!
  5. I forgot to tell you that when I bought my Black Patent Hobo my DH told me it looked like a shiny black trash bag.

  6. Parchment!!! I love it. It is sleak, stylish and classy!
  7. My DH has little--->no interest in what I carry on my shoulder (except maybe the price tag-hehe). I got the Metallic Carly Slim about a week ago, and as my first bag that is a metallic, I am really happy. It goes with just about everything, does NOT look like a bag of foil! You see a lot of cheaper metallics around these days, and the Carlys do not even go there-the leather is awesome and I really love it!:tup:
  8. If you want another sig, the turquoise gets my vote. :tup:

    If you want to branch out with leather, I would go with either the metallic or the parchment.

    Good luck deciding!
  9. LOL Tara!! Hubby's think of the greatest responses, don't they. I told him he's just trying to make me hate it so I don't buy it!! I think I am gonna go with the Metallic because I really do love it.
  10. TBH... I think that the metallic is versitile, BUT I don't know if you would wear it as an everyday bag? I mean I think it depends on your wardrobe and how often you would use it... Its definitely a "dressier" bag IMO... I really like the carly in the geranium/khaki or else the turq/khaki carly's... those you could use year round... Good Luck deciding!

  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: OMG, that is SO funny! I don't think men in general like the metallics! DH and my guy friends always call them fugly. I personally prefer the metallics with a grain, like the Bridgit. But the platinum Carly almost has a marbled appearance and is not shiny like some of the metallics out there are. It's ok, but I probably like the khaki/bronze Carly better of the metallics, or metallic trimmed bags. I'm not a fan of mixing metals, so that might be one reason I don't like the platinum leather Carly as much. I also prefer the large rather than the slim version. At the end of the day, I would choose what YOU like, and not based on what your husband or someone else tells you. I just bought the platinum Bridgit, and I know DH hates it, and my friend laughs at me...but that's ok!! I just tell them I have more fashion sense than they do! :P

  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: OMG, shiny black trash bag...I am in HYSTERICS this morning!! Someone should start a post with all the corny things that guys and SOs say about our beautiful bags!! :tup:

  13. OMG, are u serious?? :P
  14. with that said.....the one in chilli is indeed yum yum!!
  15. Totally serious!

    He still makes comments about it... he says he hates the red one too. Too bad for him because I love them.

    I should ask him what the red one looks like.