suggestions on a first bag

  1. How did you guys start your collection?
    which bag was the first one?
    And which bag would you suggest for a saver, saving up for her first high-class bag?

    This may sound stupid but I want something people will regognize as a real, classy bag.
    I don't want to spend too much money (+1000) because the saving isn't going that fast and i want to show off as soon as possible:smile:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. There are SOOOO many recognizable bags to choose from. If you want a monogram, that is the fastest way to recognizable, but I am personally not a fan. As far as what is recognizable without a monogram, there are a zillion depending on who is "in the know". Koobas tend to look very much alike to me. (though not my style) I actually kind of like the new Pradas with the giant logo, but since people are already knocking it off(think Victoria Secret tote), I would not buy it myself. Coach and Dooney will always be more recognized by the masses, as they are more readily available. Saddle bags from Dior, Paddingtons from Chloe, Balenciaga motorcyle bags, LV speedys, Fendi spys, the list goes on and on. They are all well recognized(again, this means there are more fakes out there-just like anything monogram). It all depends on what you want, but I am guessing an "everyday" bag. I personally can't stand LV mono, but it is where a TON of people started their collection:yes:
  3. Alma, Speedy or Lock-it in monogram.
  4. My very first recognizable handbag was coach, followed by gucci. I think with your budget, I'd go for gucci. They have nice everyday bags in the classic GG monogram (Can't wait to get 'em), which you can easily tell if they're real or knock-offs. You can also have LV mono if you're into them but I suggest don't get the common styles.
    Good luck on your search for your first handbag. Just remember, once you start, you'll never stop. It goes on and on and on...
  5. not in order :
    • LV MC speedy
    • marc jacobs stam
    • chloe paddington/silverado/edith
    • balenciaga city
    • chanel coco cabas
  6. I started with BV and worked my way down, LOL!!! :lol:

    Actually, that's not quite true, as the BV was a gift! But it was my first high end designer bag. :yes:

    I'm not really the right person to ask about recognisable bags, either, as I like artistically designed non-logoed bags. My current favourite bag designers are Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli and Derek Lam.

    So, if I were you, I'd buy a clutch, or continental wallet by one of those. But I am not you and you should buy what you really like. :biggrin:
  7. For recognition factor, you can't beat the LV Speedy. Monogram for high-visibility, Damier for a more subtle approach to classy. Both are reasonable in the high-end arena, depending on size they are $595/$620 for the 25 and 30 sizes, respectively. Also, they are lightweight and indestructible, and they hold a ton of stuff.

    If you prefer leather, a shoulder bag, or something less expensive than the Speedy, Marc by Marc Jacobs makes some fabulous leather bags. They aren't instantly recognizable except to handbag fanatics, but the quality is obvious.
  8. Roberto Cavalli is my absolute FAVORTIE designer!!:love: :love: I love everything from the clothes, shoes, bags, you name it! Really, I'm more "brand loyal" to Cavalli than anyone else!
  9. thanks for all these replys allready!

    I think I'm prefering LV or Gucci. Marc Jacobs sounds great to.
    I like Lv speedy or Lv pochette, also like that Marc satchel and his quilted bags. don't really know much about the different Gucci bags

    For people who live in Europe, where do you buy these brands online?

    (Ugh, just went to the eluxury site to specify which Marc model i like and I really really love the new fendi spy hobo. Not very fond of the color but i guess they come in different colors?)
  10. I started with Coach many years ago. LV is the most recognizable, but Gucci or Marc Jacobs would be good, too. MJ bags can be very heavy-can you go to a store and check out different brands? Some say the Fendi quality isn't what it should be (my niece, for one--her Fendi didn't hold up at all). I agree that Koobas tend to look similar and also can be heavy.

    How do you feel about bags with logos on them? Do you prefer bags where the style speaks for itself?

    Good luck and enjoy the anticipation part of your search!:flowers:
  11. Like boxermom, I started with a coach bag back in the day and then my first real purchase was a marc jacobs bag. I LOVE it still. The leather is really good, the quality of the bag is so nice, and it is a recognizable name! :yes:
  12. If you get the LV Pochette you can get another bag. The Pochette is $285. You could get the Speedy ($595 or $620) or a Gucci.
  13. I like this bag in the cruise collection. It's pretty inexpensive. Great for night!


    'starlight' evening bag with magnetic snap closure, metal buckle detail, and inside pocket. 9.5"L x 3.2"H.
    black satin with black snakeskin trim and light gold hardware. 169979 FBPZG 1000
  14. thanks a lot!! I'm allready looking at all the good stuff on this site. They don't have a lot of choice though. Any more suggestions?