Suggestions on a crossbody bag, please.

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am in desperate need of a crossbody bag? I like a cool hip look, perhaps distressed, maybe studded, hippy, whatever just cool. Any ideas? I have a betsey johnson crossbody and its cool, BUT..... I need something new!
    I am sure you know what I mean!

    I just moved to an island in the south pacific and the vibe here is relaxed and my bags just dont match :smile:
    I need something that leaves me "handsfree".
    Any suggestions? You all are always so helpful.
  2. What about Diesel? I once saw a girl with a leather crossbody bag, slightly distressed and looking supercool.

    Didn't take a pic though.
  3. Mulberry does some really nice leather ones. Try looking on their website for both mens and womens bags.
  4. Linnea Pelle and Lauren Merkin have a few. I find if they are too big, they're just too heavy to wear cross-body.
  5. I like the Shih Monica messenger.
  6. I agree that Mulberry is hip, cool, very sturdy and well made, and very upscale.
    I also have a Gucci messenger that I adore, but it is not leather.