suggestions on a coach purchase?


jenn should purchase a ...

  1. carly signature

  2. gallery signature tote

  3. ergo signature hobo

  4. chelsea signature satchel

  5. other (please reply)

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  1. hi, folks! i'm new to the coach forum, but not tPF! i am considering purchasing a coach bag for everyday. i already have a signature messenger for school that i got from the outlet earlier this year and i love it dearly so i'm looking for a shoulder bag. here are my requirements:

    - on shoulder
    - zippered top
    - the drop on the strap should be long enough to work w/ a winter coat (i live in MI)

    i have been considering the carly signature, gallery signature tote, ergo signature hobo, and chelsea signature satchel. i also like the signature stripe tote, but it doesn't have a zipper so that may get nixed. i've been all over the coach website looking up bags and using the little "try this bag on" feature.

    if it helps, i'm an LV girl trying to be better w/ her $! my mono speedy 30 is currently my go-to bag. i'm looking at the damier azur saleya pm right now, but LV is about 2 hrs away and macy's and the coach outlet are 20 minutes and 40 minutes, respectively.
    plus i can get a few coaches for my one LV. :smile: i usually carry w/ me a long wallet, agenda, keys, makeup bag, ipod + headphones, cell, and a book or mag for when i get bored.

    any suggestions would be great! i'm thinking of making my purchase before the end of the month. :smile: thanks!!!

    (i included a poll-thingie w/ this post in case ppl just want to vote.)

  2. i think that everyone will vote for the carly. it is gorgeous "in" and cute. personally, i love the ergo. the signature tote doesn't zip and the satchel won't fit over your shoulders. the carly would probably be perfect. have you gone to try them on?
  3. I agree. I think the Carly will be your best bet.
  4. I see Carly is winning of course LOL... if you want it to fit comfortably over a winter coat, you'd probably be better off with the large.

    I voted for the ergo hobo, I got it today and LOVE it. I don't think I could fit a magazine it it, but definitely a book. It holds a really good amount of stuff.

    Good luck :tup:
  5. I lied, magazine definitely fits in the ergo hobo :tup::lol:
  6. My vote is for the Carly.:tup:

    I have been looking around at bags, planning my next purchase. I have two boys, so I need that extra room. My current bag is huge-it's the-Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote in Black- just looking to update!! I also want something with a zip top, since mine is the clasp. More like my birthday present to myself and whats better than COACH.:yahoo:
    I think you will be really happy and satisfied with the Carly...Go for it!
  7. yay! thanks for the ideas! lol, i guess the carly is winning!

    cherll -- i haven't tried them on yet. i usually do my homework on the bags first, and then i head to the store to try them on. though i had an idea, i wanted to narrow it down first.

    anyway, i'll probably head down to macy's today and then to the birch run outlet to see if anything pops up there. i read a few of the threads on the outlet and it seems like things just randomly appear at the store so i might as well hit it up (then go to jcrew, the banana, etc). :smile: i will keep everyone posted!!!

  8. Try the Kensington outlets in Howell, too. I think they have a better selection than Birch Run!
  9. The carly signature is adorable!
  10. I wear my medium Carly in Khaki/Beet with my winter coat all the time. My winter coat is a gore-tex raincoat with a zip in goosedown liner.
  11. back from birch run! they had about 50/50 signature and leather items. i saw my messenger in black and i was like, heeeeey i like that (i have a small signature messenger in brown). but no, i didn't get it. one messenger too many, that would be. :smile: the only thing that sticks out at the outlet was a bleecker duffle in red! i loved the tatterstall interior, meow. but alas, i didn't get it because it really isn't in my scope. i hit up macy's and they had the smaller and larger carly bags. i think i like the larger one more! i have this thing w/ bigger bags though. so i think that's my winner-winner-chicken-dinner -- the large carly! i'm still going to look around a bit, but i think that's my next bag, probably the black signature. anyway, keep any suggestions coming and thank you for everything so far! :smile:
  12. I totally vote for the Carley - it's a nice size and fits comfortably on your shoulder with a coat on.
  13. I love the Carly I have one of my own and thinking of getting another one....Go for the Carly!