suggestions of handbags for short ppl please?

  1. Hi everyone! I just found out about purse forum a couple days ago and registered and it is just heaven land over here :smile: reading everything about purses and all!!

    recently, I realized that all my bags are quite small and most of them are either hobos or croissants and I'm finding it kinda difficult at times to fit everything in since I have a big wallet!

    I want to try some of the bigger bags since big is "in" right now but I'm only 4"11. I was thinking of a marc jacobs stam, YSL medium muse, miu miu bags? would those be too big for me to carry?:confused1:

    any suggestions is appreciated!! thanks :biggrin:

  2. i'm only a couple inches taller than you but I wear whatever....not a fan of the muse, but the stam might be a good choice for you

    personally, i might go with a "slouchy" style one of those gucci hobos or a MJ multipocket....

    maybe a speedy if you like handheld bags?

    go try some on and see how they feel :smile:
  3. thanks for the feedback!! :heart:
    what do you think of the miu miu coffer? would that one be too big?
  4. ohh~ btw..I see that under ur wishlist, u have the shophie listed!
    I recently bought the sophie :biggrin: and it is so pretty..I haven't used it yet though but I found that the strap being way too long for me :sad: so that was a bummer:sad: but aside from that, it is such a nice bag :biggrin: not to mention limited edition too :heart:
  5. I'm 5'2", and I think good sized bags are the LV Speedy 25 and MJ Venetia. They aren't too overpowering. And any pochette is always a good choice when you're just running out and you don't need to carry much.
  6. I'm five feet tall and I adore big bags!

    I honestly never think about a bag being "too big" for me. If I love the bag and it works for me functionality-wise...I can fit all my crap in it...LOL....I buy it! :yes:
  7. Hmmm...seems like the perfect excuse to by a new wallet... As you can tell, I will try to justify every shopping trip..Good Luck!
  8. I'm only one inch taller than you...OK 1 1/2 " if I stretch really tall. But I love a bag that can hold larger things like folders for business, but go for smaller for weekends. Most of my bags are about the Coach demi size or a bit bigger. I guess it really depends on how much you carry and how comfortable you are with it. I had a chiropractor actually ream me out for carrying too much stuff in my bag.
  9. Hi everyone!

    Another shorter person here (5'2"). I want to know about a Damier check Alma vs a Speedy in terms of size? Is the 25 practical at all? I can't imagine fitting much in there. Then again, the Alma looks quite large.
  10. I have a LV cerise speedy..and I believe that is the same size as the's pretty roomy in least for me..I could fit a lot more stuff compared to my hobos and croissants..cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, gloves, headband,..quite a bit of stuff..I think it is definitely a practical size!!

    I only have LV bags for hmm..any other suggestions for other bigger bags in other brands for short girls like me? :rolleyes: :confused1:

    and thanks for all the feedback :smile: keep them going :p
  11. I think Speedy 30's don't look good on gals that are too petite. Or especially if you don't fill them enough. Do any of you out there who own them find that they can sag in the middle if they don't have enough stuff inside?
  12. i love sophie with the gold chain since i'm not a fan of wearing little bags in messenger style :smile:

    i would love to get my hands on one, but the prices they're asking on eBay are ridiculous for the most part, so i guess i'll wait and see if it MAYBE makes its way to the US

    i'm glad you have one! use it with pride! did yours come with the gold chain as well or just the long strap? (i'm not sure what the standard is, i've just seen it around with the chain)
  13. i think it's a loooooovely bag, quite unique too! I probably wouldnt wear it with the long strap, but it would look super cute as a hand bag :smile:

    if you're considering that one, take a look at the MJ line....the venetias and Multipockets in calf leather are TDF...the leather is goooorgeous and such a wide variety of colors between the seasons :smile:
  14. I also would not bother with 'too big' etc. - I am 5'3, and never think about this. if it looks good on you, it looks good - sometimes I don't like the look of a small bag - how it 'disappears'.

    good luck hunting!
  15. yup! I bought mine off @ eBay actually when the price wasn't all that ridiculous around..600 something? I saw one selling for 999 right at the time i thought it was quite expensive but now that i looked back, maybe I got a deal?
    and yes, mine came with both the gold chain and the long strap :smile:
    I like the gold chain one too with the little bag but was thinking whether it'd be too "dressy" to wear the chain casually? :confused1:

    and was almost thinking of selling it too when i found out that the strap is too long :S but all my friends convinced me not I'm still thinking :push: