suggestions of birthday present for DH!!!share yours!

  1. let me apologized if someone had posted this thread before,i couldnt find any!

    have u ever prepare or give or make something special as a gift on your DH's birthday,other than giving him a typical wont-go-wrong mobile phone,belt,wallet..etc?any suggestions are welcomed!
  2. i gave my DH a riedel wine glass...since he loves drinking wine...
  3. I did a surprise hot air balloon ride for him this year.:balloon:
  4. yes, guys like experience type gifts. get him concert or sporting event tickets, or do an unique activity.

    i use this site for ideas:
  5. One gift he loved was 2 tickets to a Stones concert. That was from one of our sons.

    This year I gave him a Mont Blanc pen with his initials engraved on the clip.
  6. The best gift I ever gave him......almost made him cry :crybaby: When it comes to tech stuff, my dh is LOST. He loves music and our house was overrun with CD's. In addition, we had a box of color slides stored away since he was a kid and every time he saw the box he would mention that he would love to get a projector and see whats on them. So....I sent the box of slides out, had them retouched and put on a CD. Then, I bought him an IPOD, and loaded every single CD he owns on it. Added all of his childhood photos from the CD which actually came out FANTASTIC and then put our wedding video on it and some video clips of our 3 kids when our kids were little. Picked out the best picture from all the slides and framed it and put it on top of the box when I wrapped it. OK, he is a big, hunky guy and yes, I really DID make him cry!! I was never so excited to give a gift in my life! Nothing after that could compare. :nogood:
  7. My guy loves electronics but he´s very picky so I would just say I´m paying, get what you want.
  8. My hubby is a real foodie...I got him meat for 2 b-days. Not just regular meat but special meat - like the best mail order bbq brisket in Texas, the best ribs in the south, a muffalatta from Louisiana. I swear he gets all misty over food. Yes, we're strange.
  9. OMG, what an amazing gift!!! Wow!!!!
  10. I gave him a biplane ride in a 1920s open plane over the coastline for an hour. It was me & him at the front the pilot at the back and an engraved French pen company engraved mechanical pencil which he loves and is so afraid to lose since he uses pencils mostly. He gave me a private balloon ride over SoCal the year before.
  11. Well this yr for his birthday / Anniversary i got him a Panerai watch that is his dream watch.
  12. For my DH's birthday this year I bought him an Iphone (which he returned) and then I got him a LV Damier 6 key holder to match his wallet and he loves it.
  13. SO is getting this as part of his Christmas gift:


    He was supposed to get it as an anniversary/birthday gift, but we ran into the issue of where to store something that is 8ft by 8ft and 175lbs...we're still working on the issue, should have it resolved by the holiday season :biggrin:
  14. i got him tickets for two yankee games. he could only go to one since he was going away on business for one of them. we had a blast at the 2nd one though.
  15. Wow! :wtf: lol :tup: