Suggestions Needed......

  1. Hi everyone, I have spent days now searching stores that sell Fendi, and Bottega....and I am getting know

    I need a new wallet/purse as we call them in the UK, I also need a new bag to take down to the pool area while I am on holiday, does anyone have any suggestions.

    I love Bottega and Fendi wallets must be large about 6.5 or more and have somewhere you can put your CC card and a picture plus of course any more.....

    I also need this bag, not really expensive and one that can hold a bit of stuff, at the moment I have a V. Westwood to do this job but its really pass its sell by

    So what wallet/purse do you think is great and what bag should I go for. if you have any pictures please could you post them.
    Thanks ever so:ty:
  2. I think Gucci canvas bags are pretty reasonable and casual. I got this and it's open top is great for the pool/beach/holidays in general. I only really use it in summer as well. Not sure if this is what you're after but something like this is what I pictured when I read your description.

    Oh and it's got a fairly big base and fits a fair bit as well.

  3. With regard tot he wallet, I think you should take a look at Louis Vuitton. They have some very nice patent leather for spring which would match a nice holiday bag. I think there is one that zips around and has numerous slots for credit cards, etc. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Above is the Zippy Wallet. I would suggest going to and going to the LV boutique. Good luck!
  6. Lovely suggestions, but I do not like LV very much. I have found a bag I like but still looking for a purse/wallet.....

    Kavnadoo - lovely pretty bag
  7. I really like my bottega veneta long wallet
  8. Lit I sooooooooooo love Bottega, from clothes to bags, and would get one of their long wallets in a heart beat as think they are so beautiful...but they do not have a photo slot for my pictures.
  9. Oopsies..... I thought you wanted a bag. Didn't realise you were after a wallet. :push:
  10. Perhaps you should just take a picture holder out of your current wallet or a cheap wallet? It seems to me that not many upscale designers are manufacturing wallets with picture slots these days.
  11. Kav - I need a bag and a wallet, think I have found a bag I like, its just the wallet.

    Lit - I find it so annoying that these designers do not put picture slots in their wallets, cannot understand why they do not do it as would think most people like to carry pictures in their wallets.
  12. Yeah I agree. It is impossible to find a designer wallet with a picture slot. It is very annoying and I have given up trying.