Suggestions Needed!

  1. Like a ton of other people, I pre-ordered a black Christy from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. Unfortunately, a SA just told me that there was a mistake and I was sold a bag the store was never scheduled to receive. Being that it is Nordstrom, and they have amazing customer service, I have been give the option of buying any designer bag for 33% off. This has really caught me off guard so I could use some suggestions. What do you think I should get instead? TIA!!
  2. Hi Melly,
    I am not sure if you are after a similar bag, but I saw this is person and it kind of reminds me of the Christy bag, and it works out to be the same price.
  3. ^ Thanks! Do you know if it has either a zip or magnetic closure?
  4. Hi Melly,
    It's has a zip top., gold hardware.
  5. Thanks! Maybe I'll have time tonight to run over and look at it. :graucho:
  6. Any other suggestions?
  7. Oh Wow Melly! The numerous options you have now! :nuts: I wouldn't know what to buy. I guess other than the Christy, my favorite MJ bags right now are the Julianne and the Camilla. Your decision is definitely a tough one. I like the one ashlee recommended too. It's so classy looking. Good luck with whatever you get...keep us posted!
  8. Thanks Cheryl! :flowers:
  9. I don't have any suggestions, but wanted to say, lucky you on being able to choose!
  10. I really hate making quick decisions but I promised the SA I'd let her know my choice by tonight. :sweatdrop:

    Right now I'm considering the Sofi or the Blake in bordeaux, the Sofi in black, and the Carolyn in black.

    Which would you choose?

  11. The Blake in bordeaux is to die for. I saw it (and tried it!!!) this morning at HR and I thought I was going to faint.
  12. BLAKE! Bordeaux! I'm so jealous of your discount!!!!
  13. I haven't seen either the sofi or carolyn IRL but have seen the bordeaux blake...and it was to die for. Although, if you need a black bag you may want to go with the sofi ...but I feel like that bag will still be around for a while and maybe even avaliable at discount at somepoint whereas the blake in that color won't be, seeing as its so popular. So if you can get it discounted - i absolutely would. Good Luck making a decision!
  14. Thanks for your response! I was thinking the same thing. Now I'm really leaning toward the bordeaux Blake. :p
  15. Thanks bag-addict! I'm fairly sure I'm going with bordeaux Blake. The color looks amazing!