Suggestions needed on Prada Duffel (V20S) Bag!!

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  1. Dear tPFers,

    I am recently hooked on Prada for some reason...I think it's the discreet-ness and simplicity (unlike other in-your-face brand logos out there) lol. But the problem is, I have never bought Prada before so I need your help! I want a black Prada Duffel bag (V20S?) but I am not sure about the durability of nylon bags...are they also durable under the rain? I live in a place that rains and snows quite I need a weather-resistant bag. I also travel frequently so do you think the Prada V20S duffel bag would do?

    I have heard that nylon bags are not good in the rain because they make watermark stains...and that it's not as durable as canvas or this true?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I've carried my nylon pradas in the rain and snow and they did fine. A couple of times they got soaked. I just let them dry naturally and they were okay.
  3. Thanks for the help! I'm relieved!:yahoo:I really want it now lol
  4. can I check how much is the price for this duffle bag?