Suggestions needed for Paris purchase

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  1. It's been awhile since I've gotten a new LV. Since my management company is letting me break my lease on my "apartment from hell" with no financial penalty and I'm moving out by Monday, I should be getting a pretty decent rent refund for the month of March. Plus, I'll be going to Paris (where LV is less expensive) in less than 10 days! Because of this, I've been debating on treating myself to a new LV bag or accessory. I've tried looking around the LV site, but I've been away from LV for a couple years so I could use some help (I think I got my last LV in 2011).

    Basically, I'd like to keep any purchase around (or at least close to) $1000 or 720 euros. My current collection is small and basic.
    • Neverfull MM in damier ebene - I use this bag all the time and love it
    • Speedy 30 in mono - It's a classic that I love
    • Whilshire PM in vernis (bleu nuit) - I never use this bag so preferably nothing like it
    • Cles in mono - Use it everyday, but one is enough
    • Zippy wallet in epi (red) - Love it and will cry the day it wears out, but I wouldn't want another wallet

    Any suggestions would be extremely helpful and much appreciated!
  2. Crossbody maybe....Favorite or Eva? You have options with these.
  3. Delightful or Totally
  4. Azur Neverfull for Summer?
  5. My vote is a Delightful!! It's a great bag!
  6. A pochette or eva :smile: You can purchase a longer leather or chain strap ( from other stores if u want it cheaper) to turn it to a crossbody bag if u need it be. Good luck and bon voyage soon! :smile:
  7. agree.. a small shoulder bag; pochette, eva, or favorite
  8. Eva!!!
  9. Will they have released the totally in de by then? I don't remember what the posts said. Anyway, I'd go big to reap the most savings! Isn't LV cheapest in France? I'm thinking speedy b, totally mm, anything emp, delightfull mm, etc.

  10. Oops. Of course I overlooked budget. My problem 😕 I think the delightful pm is close to 1k!
  11. I love that you're doing this! I'm similar, I like to buy "commemorative items" from vacations. I think you should get something limited edition (color or line) so it references that particular time in Paris. For example, if you got something in lilas, citrine, or amethyste, you'd associate the item with your time in Paris in 2014, when those limited edition colors were out! In light of that, I make the following suggestions:

    1). ZCP vernis in amethyste or citrine
    2). Curieuse wallet in amethyste empreinte
    3). Sarah wallet in amethyste or lilas vernis
    4). chaine wallet in amethyste vernis
    5). ZCP empreinte in lilas or citrine

    I love all of these. You mentioned your collection was "small and basic" and it seems like you don't have an empreinte, so I'd probs lean towards that! HTH :lol:
  12. ^this :smile:
  13. Thank you for all of your suggestions!

    I'm contemplating upping the budget a bit. I'm just super cost-conscious and while I could use my bonus or my "normal" funds to purchase something, I'm trying to keep it within the range of my rent credit. I've never gotten something from any other overseas trips I've taken so I think it would be a nice way to treat myself and remember the trip. So I've decided that anything that I sell (I moved in with my boyfriend so my closet space has decreased so I've been selling things on Poshmark) between now and the time I leave, I'll up the budget by the proceeds of my sales. Plus, I've also decided to part with my Wilshire PM which I never use (reminder: no buying/selling/trading on tPF).

    In the meantime, I've been looking at some of the suggestions and I'm so thankful you've all helped me. Right now, here's what I'm thinking (provided the budget isn't raised much):
    • Speedy 30 in damier ebene: I have a mono Speedy 30 which I love and it's a classic.
    • Chaine Wallet in amethyste vernis: I really love this, but I wish it came in black. Plus, I'm concerned that since I no longer live in a big city (Chicago) and live in a small city in Connecticut that it wouldn't be practical for me. So practical me says no, but I still love it.
    • Totally MM in mono: I like the fact that I could use this as a work tote. I tried using my DE Neverfull MM as one, but my work laptop started giving it a teeny tiny hole in the corner so I stopped and now just use a Longchamp Le Pilage. It would be a little over budget, but it would be classic. At the same time, I could probably still use a Delighful PM from what I've seen in comparison posts as a work tote since someone showed it fitting a 13" laptop.
    • Delightful PM in mono: In budget and could (from what I've seen, but definitely correct me if I'm wrong) be used at work and as a casual handbag.
    • Favorite: Do they make the DE version in MM or only PM? I would like the MM version since I'm 5'7", but it appears like they only do PM in DE and I'm afraid of a strap with heavy patina in the future if I went with the MM in mono. I personally prefer the Favorite to the Eva. My sister has the Eva and I tried it and it wasn't for me.

    I'm trying to avoid anything in damier azure because I would only use it in the spring and summer. I also don't know how I would feel the more it patina it got and I have a white TB bag and an off-white Ferragamo bag to use in the summer. If I lived in a warmer climate it would definitely be more of a contender.

    I think anything in a leather is out since anything I've liked is either significantly over budget and I'm not in love with it or not available in a color I'd want. Plus, I want to stay away from a wallet since I already have a red epi one and I don't switch my wallets out.

    Any other suggestions or thoughts would be welcome!