1. I have been buying mostly Louis Vuitton but am starting to get into Chanel!

    I've been eyeing :drool: the caviar medallion tote & classic flap

    Any suggestions for my 1st Chanel? I want an everyday bag!!

    TIA :yes:

  2. Do you carry a big wallet, like a checkbook or zippered one?
    I can't comfortably get my hand and my big wallet in/out of the Medallion.
    I prefer the GST or PST personally.
  3. First Chanel decisions, YAY! :yahoo:

    I mostly buy LV too, but past couple years I have been expanding.

    I really like the 2.55 a lot. I like it because it doesnt have the CC logo. It says "Chanel" on the clasp but no CCs and the "Chanel" is barely visible. I think it's a beautiful. I have been debating on purchasing it because I am saving up for my first suhali. But everytime I see a 2.55 I got crazy. The SA told me that the 2.55 is not lambskin so it resists scratches. I dont know if it's true or not.

    I personally think that if I had a 2.55 I would get a lot of use out of it because it is so versatile. But the classic flap is a great choice, you can never go wrong there.

    Good luck deciding and keep us posted!!
  4. Not really, I use the LV small ring agenda!

    Would the GST be HUGE on me? Im about 5"1, 105lbs
  5. I really suggest the jumbo classic flap. I love mine!!!
  6. for an everyday bag I'd suggest the medallion tote in black.
  7. I think you would love the medallion but also a med\large in caviar for everyday use would be fine !:yes:
  8. Baby cabas! :tup: I use my black baby cabas as an everyday bag. It fits my ipod, water bottle, cell phone, wallet, glasses & makeup bag with room to spare.
  9. Hi Evelyn, welcome to the world of Chanel :flowers:

    Is there a boutique near where you live? Then I would suggest that you try out the Medallion and the classic flap first and see what suits you the most.

    If you always have your hands full, then the Medallion and the classic flap maybe won't suit you, since they are a bit more difficult to get in and out of, like Swanky said. You should certainly try out the PST and GST. But there are so many wonderful bags out there, one of them will be the perfect Chanel bag for you, I'm sure :yes:

    Good luck with your decision!
  10. aww thanks so much ;) yes theres a Saks that sells Chanel near where I live, I will have to go try those two on very soon!!