Suggestions needed for B30 in D5(Geranium)

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  1. Hi, first time post here, and thanks in advance!

    My SA just offered me a B30 in Geranium, GHW. I've been hunting a perfect red for quite a while. I have a golden K40 and an orange K28, but no birkin yet. Red in B30 is a perfect size/color combination for me. I am just not so sure about this particular red. I like a true red, such as the Hermes Rouge. Does anybody know if Geranium is a great red color? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Geranium is a very pretty color. It's bright and cheerful!
    If you want a true red you may prefer rouge casaque. Besides rouge H , rouge grenate and rouge tomate were offered this season so if geranium isn't your perfect red your SA might find you other options. Rouge grenate is a beautiful more cool toned red and rouge tomate is a pretty, orange red. You mentioned rouge h but this season it has brown undertones and is the least bright of the reds.
  4. Geranium has orange undertones. Not true red like rouge casaque at all.
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  5. If you want a bright red with orange undertone then go for it, otherwise only rouge casaque is true red for currently red shades (some stores the RC is gone though but some stores it comes and goes). But just go and see it in person, maybe that's the color you've been looking for :smile: Good luck dear and don't forget to post your score
  6. Thanks for your input! This bag is still on its way to the store. After it comes, I will be the 1st client to see it in person.
  7. That is great info! I think a very specific color is really hard to get, especially in a particular size AND GHW! LOL. I am trying not to be too picky.

    Thank all of you for your kind help. If I get it, I will post my Hermes family photo here to share my happiness. :smile: