Suggestions Needed for a Pearl Necklace

  1. Define reasonable? :smile:

  2. Sorry! I guess I should clarify that I think the price for the Chanel Pearls ARE reasonable as these are sold out :p ... BUT, I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions for a different brand for under say $200?
  3. Don't forget...I believe these chanel "pearls" are glass or plastic...they are not real pearls since this is the costume collection. I don't know much about pearls other than I'm dying for a strand as well =).

  4. I know! That is why I was hesitant to spend $800 on them! I am hoping to find something with a similar look without the hefty pricetag, KWIM?
  5. That's a good price on those pearls and great seller too!
  6. I love those Chanel pearls!!

  7. Me too! :push:
    and they are from a pf'er ... soooo tempted to bid but still not sure I want to spend that much on faux pearls, even if they are Chanel .... *sigh*
  8. queenvictoria2, have you seen Megan's (CastoCreations) lovely work?

    Royal Dreams Freshwater Pearl Golden Necklace Royal Dreams Freshwater Pearl Golden Necklace [] - $67.00 : Casto Creations, Elegant Handcrafted Jewelry Designs

    Perhaps one of the talented tpfers (Megan being one of them) who make jewelry can custom-make something for you? Alternatively, if you don't mind purple as well as white glass pearls, how about this?

    Etsy :: FALL SALE Brilliant Purple Pearl and Swarovski Double Strand Necklace

  9. Thanks, Passerby! :smile:

    I will note, however, that while I (and other independent designers) can create a similar necklace, it is unethical (and probably bordering on illegal) to actually copy and duplicate the Chanel necklace. I'm happy to create something similar...I have an idea in my head that uses Marcasite sterling silver beads instead of the Chanel links with Swarovski crystal pearls...but an exact replica wouldn't be right.

    I really love the style of the graduating pearl sizes and with Swarovski crystal pearls I think you can get a stunning look for much less than the Chanel necklace sells for...although,'s not Chanel. :p
  10. i have honora pearls and they were a bargain, I have a string in white and black.
    i also got a three strand bracelet from tiffany & co for about $500... not bad really!
  11. Wow..that sounds gorgeous!! I'm also one of the people that really like the Chanel graduated pearl necklace, but not enough to shell out $695 + tax for it! :smile: I'd really be interested to see what this looks like and if you could give me the approx. cost for it? Thanks! :shame: