Suggestions ladies?

  1. hi,

    I'm off to Boston & NY in September so I need a new bag (on top of the many I'm planning on buying over there!) to take with me! I am a very girly-girl, but I have decided that the bag I should take will be one of those across the body ones. But it has to be quite compact & of course! very chic!

    I wear mostly autumnal shades so it has to fit in with my wardrobe, or be soo damn wonderful that it doesn't matter! oh & I am in the UK so one that I can get over here would be great!

    Does anybody have any recommendations? I've never bought any bag like this before so am totally open to suggestions!

    thanks very much for any input!

  2. What's your budget? :biggrin: Is there a store near you selling Jas MB bags?
  3. nice suggestions Passerby! thanks ! they ar really cute, I'd not herad of her before. But I think they are going to be a little more winter tan I am looking for.
    My budget is only about £150-£200 cos I am planning to do some serious spending in NY! this is just a bag that I won't really use that much, except for stuff like this.

    I've seen the LV mini mono Juliette which was ok, but I'm not mad keen on it & I understand its discontinued now anyhow.
  4. hi paserby,

    I'm really sorry, I've neer seen or used either of those. I've heard good things about billy bags & they are frequently in Vogue, but I've never seen them in person, I've been meaning to check out the billybag range though! thanks for reminding me! If I find any nic & ollie bags I'll let you know what I think of them!

    thanks for your help!
  5. Cheers, ParkAvenuePrincess. Sorry I can't be of much help.

    PS I live in Singapore, and visited England with my dad in '95 and both of us absolutely loved the shopping experience at Selfridges (really great service even though we spent much of the time there having tea and not buying stuff - went to Selfridges almost every day of the five or six days we spent in London :biggrin: )
  6. i came across Gucci's site.. and saw these :rolleyes:
    you can check their details in the site :yes: the black one came in a lighter color too

    and i sugest Prada as well.. mmm i dont have pics for that though!! buts its the black well known prada material as a nice slinky swing bag..

    hope it helps :flowers:
    gucci1.jpg gucci2.jpg
  7. hummm, thaks very much Vanilla! I really like the black style (in a lighter colour!) hummm, will definitely check that one out! thanks again & it most definitely helps!

    Passerby! Singapore! thast so great! I've never been to the East before! Although one of my best friends isMalaysian & keeps showign me fabulous pics of her feeding the tropical fish & swimming in turquoise oceans, i never quite mak it to ging! Yeah, Selfridges is great, my sister worked in the one in Manchester for a while, As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time visiting her then..:biggrin:
  8. The Anna Corinna lady duffle is great, and it comes with a long strap so you can wear it across your body and short straps so you can hold it. And of course, it's gorgeous!
    Lady Duffle Butterscotch (scale).JPG
  9. Wow Milton! that is nice! Thanks! I really like it! but I'm looking for something a lot smaller, I'm only planning on carrying a few essentials like wallet, lip balm errr, maybe a small camera! Hubby can carry the rest!

    Great suggestion thoguh! I must look out for those bags on my trip!
  10. cute bag
  11. How about hand-painted leather bags, ParkAvenuePrincess?
    358AC mini bucket purse

    Under "mini purses"

    Not sure how long the "adjustable" shoulder strap is, though.
    Anuschka 358AC.jpg
  12. mulberry has some great side pack bags in beautiful leather that should be right up your alley. personally i like the joel and the seth, but the joel is more cost friendly
  13. Thanks for all your suggestions !

    I'm not a mulberry fan at all. For me, they are too masculine, I'm not saying I'm a 'Hello Kitty Princess' or something but I just don't do all the buckles & straps & pockets. they always remind me of those utility belts that handymen wear.....

    I am going to think about it for a while & see what takes my fancy. The trouble with searching for the 'perfect bag' is that I seem to find lots of others ones I want too .....:biggrin: