Suggestions, ladies!?!

  1. I'm planning to drive from San Francisco to LA & LV for this long Independence day week~

    I'm thinking of take my mini poodle with me for the road trip. Has anyone ever done that before? Bringing your pet along to travel?! I know my dog probably doesn't like to be home without us being there.. Please share your experience..

    Also.. does anyone know if all hotels in LA & Las Vegas are pet friendly? Or do I have to look for one? Thanks..
  2. You can google pet friendly hotels. I can take my doggies everywhere because they learned how to ride in a car when they were young. So, if your dog is OK in the car, it can be pretty fun. You can put them in a crate or they have harness/seatbelt devices so the dog can lay on the seat while you drive, all nice and safe. Safety is the biggest issue, if your dog moves about in the car that could be bad. You never want to allow your doggie to ride in your lap because if there is an accident and the airbag is deployed it will kill most small and medium dogs. Good luck!
  3. We took our doggies to a pet friendly hotel in Vermont once. They did great in the car. It was about a seven hour drive.

    The only hard part for them (and us) was meal times. We hated to leave them in a strange room while we went out to eat. Since it was fall and not hot at all, we ended up leaving them in the car every time we ate. We always parked in view of the restaurant window and asked to be seated where we could keep an eye on them.
  4. I suggest bringing a copy of your pup's shot record and making sure you know the locations of vets/emergency animal clinics in the area you will be staying at.

    Have a fun trip! :smile:
  5. I travel with my dog and both my DH and I really enjoy bringing her along. You should check hotels in advance for which allow pets, as some allocate a certain number of rooms for people traveling with pets and you want to be certain that you get one of these rooms. Also think about the type of activities you will be doing, are you going to have to leave your dog in the room during the day? If so this can be hard on some pets as it is an unfamiliar place. To make them more comfortable my Vet suggested that we unpack all of our things and leave some of our clothes out with her so she could smell our scent in the new room while we were out and about (as hotel rooms smell totally new to doggies). My dog usually travels with us in a soft sided bag when we walk around so this wasn't too much of an issue, but just an idea to keep in mind. All in all, I prefer to travel with her as I miss and worry about her when I am away! Have a wonderful trip, it sounds fun!
  6. We were just going on some fall trips last year with my dog. Before we went, we called up the hotels to see if there were any pet friendly rooms available. They're usually on the 1st floor so that the pets get easy access to outside. You may have to pay extra for the pet depending on the hotel's policy. I've been to some that don't require extra charge, some one time charge, and some per night charge...

    What to pack...
    1) We brought his bed, since I don't want him to sleep on the floor and the hotels usually don't let pets sleep on people beds.
    2) Paper bowls for food and water
    3) Training pads and tape. We tape half of a training pad up against the wall so that he can lift his leg and pee...
    4) Poop bags.
    5) Food of course, and spoons. I mix canned food into dry food, so I made sure there's a fridge available in the room.
    6) Some chew toys and his blanket.
    7) Paper towels.

    So off we go! We stop every once in a while so that we all can get out and stretch. I got a bottle of water with a sport top, so that we can pour out water slowly and not fuzz with a bowl. You may want to get him a car seat of some sort for safety.

    I think the biggest problem will be "how you're going to eat in the hotel?" I highly doubt the hotel will let you leave the dog inside the room by himself at anytime. None of the ones that we went to let us do that as written clearly in the pet welcome kit. We also left the dog in the car when we eat, like the other person said earlier, but I don't think you can do this in July... If you're going with another person, you guys may have to eat seperately... better think this through and confirm with the hotel. If you're unable to leave the dog in the hotel room, you'll also have to arrange cool places for him to stay during the day while you're out in a casino or something...
  7. When I went on vacation it was to visit my mom so I was staying in her house so I didn't have to worry about hotels. I just had one chihuahua then. It was about a 10 hour drive and she pretty much slept the entire time. We stopped every couple of hours to use the restroom and she had a chance to stretch and use the bathroom. When we stopped for food we would go through a drive through and eat in the car (we would park in the parking lot) since it was in may and we were afraid to leave her in the car in case she would overheat. She was so easy it surprised me. If I went on a trip now my boy chi would drive me up the wall.
  8. hmm.. after reading through all of your stories.. now I've changed my mind about goin to Las Vegas.. I've called a couple of places.. nice hotels usually has a no pet allowed policy which sux.. I'm actually traveling with my bf which is a good thing.. and we will stay in LA for 5 days and 4 nights.. First day there..we are heading to outlets.. and second & third day, we'll be going to Disneyland.. which is the part that worries me the most... I don't think Disneyland would allow pets, and even if they do.. what are we going to do if we want to go on rides...erh....and I hate leaving my dog in the car for more than 2 hours.... Forth day.. we'll be @ a BBQ for Independence Day with my bf's friends.. and Fifth day, we'll be driving back to SF.

    Now... Do you think if it's a good idea if I bringing him along.. or maybe better just have a pet sitter look after him while we were gone...
  9. I do know of one hotel that allows pets, it's the Venitian. They do charge a fee, but if you don't want to leave your baby behind and would like to goto Vegas, it's a perfect place.

    The Venitian is breath-taking and you & BF should consider it.

    Happy Vacationing!
  10. ^ Agreed, my parents were there a few weeks ago... it's fabulous, at least judging from the pictures :wtf: They had the most gorgeous suite!

    But back on topic, if I were you, I would DEFINITELY hire a pet sitter, or find a doggie resort/hotel kind of thing. Disneyland won't allow pets, most stores don't allow pets, etc. I'm thinking it would be quite a hassle to bring your doggy along, so why not find a great place to leave your poodle at, enjoy the trip and not worry about what to do with the dog! :nogood:
  11. Just came back from LA...

    Actually.. for future reference, anyone who will bring their dog along to Disneyland.. they have a kennel on site from open to close. The kennel is located right beside Disneyland Park. So it was very convenient for us..

    We talked him from parking lot through Disney downtown(nice little walk) and dropped him @ the kennel.. then we went to California Adventure's Theme Park for couple of hours.. then came back & picked up my dog for a walk... Then later we checked him in @ the kennel for firework at night!

    I have to say.. the trip went well!!
  12. Glad to hear it went well! My current girl isn't a huge fan of the car, but still enjoys coming with me on trips. My shih tzu absolutely adored going on vacation with us when he was alive. It's nice to hear some places are starting to cater to those of us who prefer not to leave the pooches home. :smile: