Suggestions? I can't keep it...

  1. Hello,

    Hopefully you can help me with my dilemma. My wonderful husband purchased a beautiful Hermes handbag for me in Japan. It was $1737. I do not want to keep it and was hoping to simply return it to the Chicago store. However, as most of you probably already know, the policy is store credit only. I do not shop at Hermes and I cannot spend that kind of money. What can I do? Is there a place I can re-sell it for its full value?

    Thank you so much.....
  2. ^wrt re-selling, I'm useless to you. But you've got a dream husband, hang on to him for dear life! :biggrin:

    The girls here will be able to help you for sure.
  3. eBay, Duchesse. Or take the in-store credit. I am SURE there must be something luscious you can find that you can't live without at Hermes!!!!
  4. eBay, craigslist...What bag was it just out of curiosity? That was sweet of DH to get it for you. :love:
  5. duchesse...

    Welcome to our Hermes subforum! Have a great time here and we are glad you are with us.

    Just a can ask for advice about selling/reselling, but it is not an option (to sell) to do so on the forum. (That did not come out very well, but I think you know what I mean)

    Have fun and I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.
  6. I'm curious about the type of bag also :biggrin: You apparently have a very sweet hubbie!! I'm sure you could find SOMETHING at Hermes you would find useful, just go take a look around ^_^
  7. Tell us about the bag, and we help you want to keep it:smile:
  8. Hermès has all sorts of things you could buy if their bags aren't your style. There are wonderful scarves, perfume, a tie for your hubby, a wallet, make-up case, etc.

    Wonder if you could return the bag and get the Hermès gift card and maybe sell that to someone?
  9. That's a great idea!
  10. I'm curious about the bag too! I didn't know there are H bags under $2K!
  11. Evelyn?
  12. :yes: Evelyne $1675, Picotin $1625 (both Clemence) pre-price increase. and the GPs.
  13. Hi Ladies,

    Thank you so much for your thoughts. I am chuckling to myself as I read your posts. I CANNOT keep the purse, nor do I want to spend the credit in other Hermes merchandise - not that I wouldn't find things I like, just that I actually have given myself an upset stomach at the thought of having a purse that costs more than my new sofa.... lol.

    I like the idea of getting a gift card, maybe that will work out best for everyone, though I still would have to find an outlet to sell the gift card - eBay probably. Meanwhile, the manager of the Chicago store has offered to contact the Japan store to see if their refund policy is as staunch there as here in the states.

    By the way, I think my purse may be a "Caravane." It is black leather with orange stitching on the handles and two pouches on the front. It is very cute.
  14. Oh a nice! I know exactly how you feel, I went through the same feelings when DH bought my Evelyne for me and when I bought my Picotin. :sweatdrop: I have a couple week period of adjustment where I feel like OMGOMGOMG how could I spend so much? But then I am so happy I did because they are such wonderful bags that I'll have forever. Just a thought! But good luck with the Japan H store and whatever you decide. :yes:
  15. Duchesse, I hope you have a chance to hang around the board a little while and read about Hermes, I am sure I share the hope that you might change your mind...

    BTW I thought the same thing (leather sofa/leather purse) but my sofa will not hold its value, nor can I carry it with me anywhere!!

    Best of luck to you, whatever you decide!