Suggestions? I bow to the experts!

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  1. Currently, I have a Cerises 25, a Damier 30, a vernis small agenda, a Mono Deauville, a Mono Batignolle Haut, and a Papillon 30, plus my cosmetic bag and Koala wallet. I want something neeeeeew. Help!
  2. Something epi maybe?
  3. I agree with LV addict about an epi, or maybe an ellipse as you seem to favor handheld bags.
  4. If you want to splurge, then SUHALI!!
  5. Oh oh oh! I love the bag in your little user pic, Icechick!! What is THAT? *jumps up and down*
  6. It's the Spring Street, sadly it's discontinued but you can still find like new ones on ebay, that's were I got mine and it doesn't have a mark on it.
  7. Is the hardware on your bag silver??
  8. How about something denim?? Maybe the Mini Pleaty??
  9. How about something from the epi line, maybe a speedy?
    Or even a bag fromt the vernis line, then it will match your agenda!
    Let us know what you deceide on!
  10. I got mine from timeless_lv, they are one of my favorite sellers, and no, the hardware is gold.
  11. I say go for epi. I love that leather.
  12. I think I would love a red epi Alma. Or the mmm...the bag that kind of looks like a paper lunch sac with the oval cut-out handle in Vernis Noisette? I think I would love every darn bag they make. Except for the 10k one that appears to have hair. ;)
  13. how about a suhali cles?
  14. I agree! I think you need something epi.....maybe even just a pochette....