Suggestions for WEDDING shoes... Pls Post!

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  1. My best friend is going to have a wedding in December, and I'm thinking of buying her wedding shoes (shh...It's still a secret ;) )... Since she is overseas, she has only access to looking shoes on the internet (NM, Saks, Jimmy Choo, etc.) and so far she's not liking anything that she saw.

    Since this is the prime time (Spring & Summer bride) for weddings in US and there's a lot of shoes at this time, I'm thinking of searching for her shoes early...

    AND... I need you ladies help. If you come across any shoes that shout out "Wedding!" Please post it in here...

    This'll probably help other girls in here in searching their PERFECT shoes for their PERFECT day!

    Thank you all... :cutesy:
  2. what a great friend..
    mine is a jimmy choo as attached, very comfy..
    i'd suggest manolo blahnik sedaraby, a perfect wedding shoes.
  3. ohhh bill bill those are cute :smile: the only thing i worry about is the rhinestones catching on the bottom of the dress....does that make sense???

    but wow those are sooo damn cute! :smile:
  4. luvednotspoiled, thanks a lot. i did receive compliments on this pair, even the lady working in the wedding dress shop said it's gorgeous. :p

    your concern is right, the stones may catch the bottom of the dress easily. front of my gown barely touches the floor while the back is long, the dress was caught once/twice only. here you go with the dress w heels. ;)
  5. Easy! I'm getting married in September, and I will be wearing these. Simple, white pumps with a covered platform. I adore these. No glitz, but plenty of style, IMO.

  6. Those are SOOO pretty :heart:
  7. I would suggest Manolo Blahnik & Jimmy Choo. I also looove this shoe Juliet at JimmyChoo it's very pretty with the rhinestone buckle on the side, it's simple yet it makes a statement.
  8. those choos are so pretty! what season are they
  9. Are you reffering to the ones in my post? They are the new spring/ summer season out rite now! If you are reffering to the OP post I think they are a couple of seasons old, but they may still be in stock.
  10. I wore Rene Caovilla for my wedding, I had a backup pair of Jimmy Choo called Bamby, they are from the anniversary collection and a pair of Manolo's (I got married abroad and was paranoid so I brought a few pairs). I did not have to use them because the Caovilla were very comfortable, the Bamby are gorgeous but very delicate, not good for a long night. I would second the vote for the Manolo Sedarabys, they are beautiful but keep in mind that they run big at the ankle so if she has a narrow foot she will be slipping out of them all night.
    i cant find a pick of the Caovilla online =/ Ill try and take a pic and post so you can see them. None of these shoes are cheap, FYI. Not sure what her price range is.
    Here are the Bamby:
  11. I wore jimmy choo pink sandals with huge crystals on the top in pink & silver. will try to post pic later.
  12. Does your friend like Christian Louboutin's? -- if so I'd recommend the "Fiorellino" slingback (in white or silver satin) or the "Caroletta" peep-toe satin pump (in white). I'll try to find photos to post later today.
  13. Manolo's.

    Especially if it's her first pair! I always thought mine would be, but a small MB collection later, I think just something new, exotic, and special.

    And metallic silver, I like it SOOOOO much better than white!! It's like little feet diamonds :love:
  14. I wore silver go go boots with my dress.
    I would suggest these silver Burberry platforms