Suggestions for wedding presents plz!!

  1. Hi! My favourite cousin is going to get married by the end of the year and I want to get him something special as a wedding gift. According to my biased opinion, he is definitely the best guy on earth and his fiance is the luckiest gal to have him. Anyway, my cousin got me 2 sets of Hermes dinning wares as my wedding gift. I want to get him something as nice as that (not the same though.. I don't want to just copy what he did) or even better than that. Any suggestions! Price range wise -- I'm thinking less than 5K but more than 2K. Thanks a bunch!
  2. hmm i suggest something that would last forever, and would be used alot (if not seen alot) to be constantly reminded of you..... maybe some sort of furniture? or jewlery? god im all out of thoughts thats quite hard
  3. My husband suggests cash; whereas it's practical, it is not sentimental.. help??!?!!
  4. A vacation getaway...a second honeymoon to plan for? is there a gift registry? Sometimes that will help determine the taste. Sounds amazing!
  5. well it is quite a sum, i would suggest you talk whatever you choose through the couple to make sure they want it and will get some good use out of it?
  6. If you want to reciprocate the Hermes thing, the have LOTS of homewares that would be suitable.....cashmere throws & blankets, crystal stemware, silver flatware, table linens, beach & bath towels......I know I would love something from Hermes as a wedding gift! Otherwise, perhaps Christofle silver, Waterford crystal (their modern stuff is gorgeous), these are all great traditional wedding gifts.
  7. How about some pieces by William Yeoward?
  8. Well, with that budget you have some great options.

    1. You could do a 1 year anniversary to an amazing hotel for a couple nights in a suite with limo, private dinner, rare bottle of wine or champagne.

    2. have something custom made for them (art, pottery, etc.)

    3. if they are into art you could get them a cert. from their favorite gallery so they can purchase something they love

    4. cash is always nice, but not as memorable

    5. maybe theater tickets/sports, something over the top for a night for them. (tickets, limo, dinner)

    6. a bottle of one of the most amazing rare wines or champagnes you can find and baccarat or tiffany flutes to go with them, in a adorable wicker picnic basket.

    7. maybe if they are newlyweds and aren't great at cooking, private cooking class

    8. a day at the spa complete followed by dinner or overnight.

    just some thoughts :smile:
  9. Do they have a new house that needs furniture? I was gonna suggest a room set like a dining room set or living room set.
  10. Holy cow you're a big spender. I wish I had a cousin like you. How about a piano... black baby grand? Beautiful. Family heirloom, and they must look at it every day!
  11. I was thinking the same thing Sweet Mama. I don't think we even spent $5k on our entire wedding! LOL

    But everyone has a different budget.

    I would LOVE to be able to spend that much on my cousin when she gets married next year. I was 7 when she was born and baby sat, taught about makeup, took them (her sister and her) to the mall...they are the most wonderful girls!

    So I like the idea of a baby grand. But I love pianos. :smile:

    A 1 year anniversary trip is also a great idea. Very creative! Although not necessarily "permanent" as something they'd always have.

    Do they have a favorite sport or hobby? Perhaps some expensive piece of if they enjoyed kayaking, a special kayak or his/hers kayak.

    Let us know what you decide. I'm really curious. :smile:
  12. Thank you all for suggestions!

    They are moving to a new place -- so the idea of furniture is nice.. But they are overseas (I'm in canada and they're in Hong Kong), so I can't really pick those out for them myself..

    Please keep the suggestions coming! I'm still braining storming..

    My latest idea -- something from cartier plus cash..
  13. Cash :happydance: