Food Suggestions for - very good quality kitchen knives

holly di

Oct 5, 2006
little rock, arkansas
I recommend the Wusthof Grand Prix series. IMO, the best bargain for your money. While they're not cheap, you get your money's worth. The knives are balanced, forged, and full tanged. Forged knives are stronger than stamped knives. Full tanged knives have the metal extend through the full length and width of the handle, which gives it balance. A balanced knife leads to less hand fatigue and allows you to chop, chef-style, quickly. What gave them the edge over the Wusthof Classic Series is the textured handle, which gives you a better grip when your hands are wet. That was a plus for me since I am constantly washing my hands while cooking.
I love my Wusthof's!!!!! They are the best knives I have ever used! Def worth the money.