Suggestions for - very good quality kitchen knives

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  1. Hi there,
    I'm remodeling and upgrading a couple rooms in my house and figured I wanted to "upgrade" some daily staples too.

    I current have some Rada knives and Henckels and would love to get your suggestions for real good quality ones?

    Thank you in advanced :smile:
  2. I recommend the Wusthof Grand Prix series. IMO, the best bargain for your money. While they're not cheap, you get your money's worth. The knives are balanced, forged, and full tanged. Forged knives are stronger than stamped knives. Full tanged knives have the metal extend through the full length and width of the handle, which gives it balance. A balanced knife leads to less hand fatigue and allows you to chop, chef-style, quickly. What gave them the edge over the Wusthof Classic Series is the textured handle, which gives you a better grip when your hands are wet. That was a plus for me since I am constantly washing my hands while cooking.
  3. Great info - thank you for your time and thoughts.
    I will definitely check those out. :smile:
  4. I just upgraded from Henckels to the Shun classics. They are amazing...
  5. I'm not familar with Shun? where do you find them?
  6. You can go to the Williams-Sonoma site or any specialty shops that carry this knives.
    If you're a fan of the Food Network channel most likely you would have seen an advertisement by Alton Brown. Here's the link if you interested...
  7. Most of my good knives are from the Wustoff Classic series. As with any knives, they do get dull with use, so if you are happy with the knives you have, get a good quality knife sharpener instead of a new set of knives.
  8. Another vote for Wustoff Classic from me. I have abused mine so much and they still are in great shape unlike my Henckels.
  9. wusthoff
  10. HI Ladies,

    I want to thank every one for there thoughts and suggestions.
    I bought Wusthof Grand Prix yesterday and LOVE them!
    I appreciate your input which helped my find such great knives - thank you :smile:
  11. I am so glad you posted this, I was looking too!
  12. hi,

    Speaking of kitchen knives, i got a directory site all about kitchen knives which i can use as my reference if i'm looking for good kitchen knives. I have to share this with you, it's nice I guarantee Please check this out!
  13. i have used wusthoff knives for over 10 years.
  14. Another vote for wusthoff.
  15. I think that the classic knives use a different amount of carbon in the blade, so technically the classics are 'better' but you will find that the Grand Prix run slightly cheaper and have a better handle.