Suggestions for trip to Europe!

  1. Hello everyone!!! I'm planning to take a trip to Europe at the end of May for a bit over 2 weeks and was wondering if some of you could recommend things to do, restaurants, etc. for me.

    I'm going to Paris, Bordeaux, Nice / Monaco, Milan, Interlaken (Swiss Alps), and Frankfurt... I'm actually going to Frankfurt to watch the World Cup games (I love soccer... :shame: ) and will only be staying 2 days so I don't think I'll really have time to do much there but all the other places if you have any recommendations please tell me!!!

  2. WHOA, that's a lot to do in two weeks. Heck, to see all the important stuff in Paris you need at least a week!

    PS: I know a lot about Paris so PM me if you want some tips.
  3. wow! that's a pretty jam packed trip! i did paris, geneva, aux en provance and nice in three weeks. i so wish i could have had another week at least. roo is right about needing at least a week in paris. (obviously, since she lived there) i only got to spend a couple of hours at each museum and didn't get to see nearly enough.

    have you been before? because that will make a difference.

    paris: musee d'orsay, louvre, champs d'lysse (i can't spell, i know) are must sees, even if you've been before. effiel tower and notre dame even they are super touristy...but only if you've never been. they're not that special if you've seen them already. take a train outside town and see some of the chataus and smaller villages...they're amazing. we also went to the luxembourge gardens and they were beautiful. i wish i'd gotten to see the museum of science and industry and had more time to just walk around. i did get lost on purpose on the metro for an afternoon/night. that was wonderful. the most fun i had in the whole trip and i saw a lot of the city too. we also went to grasse to the perfumeries...but i don't remember what part of the trip it was during or how close to paris it was.

    monaco: i was in monte carlo. i really enjoyed the aquarium, the gardens, the palace, the historical wax museum (sounds corny i know but its all about the royal family...very cool), there's some good shopping and really interesting walking tours around the race courses. you won't be on a school trip so you can gamble. that would be fun. the casinos looked amazing. if went again i'd want to see the princess grace rose garden. i think it's less than an hour away from monte carlo.

    nice: i didn't really find much to do in nice except lie on the beach and bike up above the ocean on the roads that wind around. it was absolutely beautiful.

    i went like 7 years ago. it was a school trip and i had JUST turned 16 so i didn't really have a lot of say in what i saw or did. but these are the things i remember. :smile: i hope you have an amazing time. i did!
  4. what World Cup matches are you going to?
  5. I actually have been to Paris before so I've seen all the "tourist" spots. I have exactly 17days so it's a bit over 2 weeks, and missbradshaw I'm watching the Korea-Togo game... that was the only game I was allocated tickets for although I applied for 3 matches.

    Roo, I'll think of a list of questions to ask and PM you!!! Thanks!!! :smile:
  6. How are you getting around? By train? By plane? This will make a huge difference on the amount of time you have in each place. Interlaken is nice, but very remote and usually full of backpacker hippies smoking the legal marijuana that is grown there. Are you into extreme sports? That is why most people go to Interlaken. To be honest with you, if it was me I would cut out Bordeaux and spend an extra day or two in Paris. Bordeaux is nice, but if you have never been to Europe before, Paris is a MUST.

    As for Frankfurt, where are you staying? It will be absolute madness when the world cup starts (my sister lives there), so it is a good idea to have a plan.

    Hope this helps!
  7. Jeanie77, you lucky girl! :biggrin: I'm a Liverpool Football Club fan, and will be supporting Spain (because of Xabi Alonso, my favourite current Liverpool player) but only in front of the TV, not in Germany, unfortunately.

    Have a great time in Europe, and especially at the World Cup!
  8. South of France is brilliant, but I would certainly not miss BARCELONA!!!

    The city has so much energy, sun, sea, art, music. Go there, you won't regret it! :yes:
  9. Ahh! I'm so jealous that you're going to the World Cup. We wanted to go so badly, but the bf has classes this summer! Have a great time! What games are you seeing?
  10. Ciao!! Pm me for Italian fashion addresses!!! Stefy:yes:
  11. We've never been to Europe before either, just Russia when we were in High School. So last year my hubby and I went out to visit a friend going to school out there. We took that opportunity and ended up touring 9 countries (8 in about 11 days). Planes, trains, and automobiles.... Though there were some complications (we had our passports stolen in Russia, of course) it was an amazing trip. We just went as far as we could go. Wanted to get in 10 countries but the Russian mess kinda screwed us up!

    Obviously we toured Eastern Europe, which it sounds like you are set to see the other side of Europe. But if you ever consider a cheap trip, I HIGHLY recommend Eastern Europe, the countries are so close together, you can cover a lot in a short amount of time. I didn't feel like we missed out on anything with our quick tours.

    Plus in E. Europe your money goes a long ways!! We stayed in Very nice hotels in Most places. We didn't do fancy restaurants (didn't really have the time, or packed clothes for it). I think our 23 day trip, including airfare, food, accomodations, rentals (car), EVERYTHING was no more than $3K for BOTH my hubby and I.

    We hope to visit Western Europe soon too. We just know it will cost more and I don't want to go until I have money to SHOP! :smile:

    Have lots of fun! :smile: I hope we will get a full report of your adventures when you get back! :smile:
  12. The Netherlands!!!
  13. Jeannie- I went to Nice,Monaco,Monte Carlo,St Paul de Vence....this past September..FOUND AWESOME shops!Will PM you the addresses of Restaurants and shops..I have a fave store in Nice that has EVERY,bags,clothes...yum...spent sooo much in that place!!LOL!
  14. can I fit in your suitcase?

    of all the places mentioned I've only been to Paris. you can throw a rock and hit someplace interesting to see. It's cliche but if you haven't seen it, definitely make a day for the Louvre. (you will barely scratch the surface but wow what a collection).
  15. Thanks ladies!!! I knew a lot of you would have good info!!!

    *passerby and jillybean307: Thanks!!! I'm definately looking foward to the soccer/football match!!! I went to one in 2002 in Seoul, Korea and could not even begin to explain all the energy and adrenaline rush you get at the actual games!!! I'll post pics if I take any decent ones!!!

    *stefyp and Jill: Thanks!!! I'll PM you about those places!!!

    I actually did the Paris tour last summer (I stayed a whole month in Europe but just went to London and Paris), and babnshoofetish I totally agree on the Louvre -- I spent a 7 hours there last year but didn't get to see enough of it so I'm going back this time, but will also be going to the Muse D'Orsay as I have missed it the last time I was there.

    More suggestions/recommendations are very very welcome~~~