Suggestions for the First Designer Handbag

Since everyone has such awesome taste and knows much more about handbags than I do, I was hoping to get some suggestions for the first designer handbag for my mom! She's already over the hill and hasn't owned one yet, so instead of getting myself one, I really wanted to get her one for her birthday next month.

She generally likes bigger bags, and I want to get her something timeless yet youthful for her age. I'm going to take her handbag shopping next weekend when I'm on spring break. I think she'd like an LV but I'm not sure, so I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks for your help! :biggrin:
Mar 12, 2006
As I was reading your post, the only bag that kept popping up in my head is Chanel 2.55 reissue. IMO, I think it's VERY timeless and elegant for sophisticated ladies!!

Good luck bag hunting for your mom! That's very sweet of you to think of her first and let us know what you chose! :lol: :lol:


Feb 17, 2006
Not going to recommend to you anything because I know less than you do about designer bags, but I just wish to say you're a sweetie for wanting to buy your mum such a lovely birthday gift.

Another person over the hill :biggrin:


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Mar 11, 2006
ValleyOppressed said:
Chanel's are great, but pricey! If you're on a tighter budget (like me), I would recommend a speedy. They're a relatively cheap $600. Noe's are great too.

this would be my vote as well. if you can afford a classic flap chanel, it would probably be your best bet. but LV speedies are great too. why not take your mom to like someplaces like saks or NM who carry many different lines and let her try on a few?


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Mar 2, 2006
I bought my mom a burberry last month and she really likes it because it is so classic and she grew up with it. I think my next purchase for her will be a Chanel because it too is a forever bag.