Suggestions for the care of Cambon?

  1. I am picking up the bag sometime this should I treat it before I start carrying it? Thanks!!
  2. Honestly, I haven't treated mine. I usually just wipe it down with a diaper wipe after I use it. The calfskin leather used on the Cambons is pretty durable so that's probably why I'm not too concerned about treating it.
  3. I've had my bowling bag for quite sometime now and just recently treated it with Applegarde. It looks good as new :yes: I wouldn't worry too much about treating it, calfskin is durable.
  4. :biggrin: and it comes with the little studs on the bottom.. I guess I'll wipe it with a clotha nd then spray appleguard :biggrin:
  5. I wouldn't spray it, especially the beige or pink colors. Appleguard has a tendency to darken colors or cause spotting if not applied evenly. I have the beige/black reporter and agree that the leather is durable and a baby wipe works fine to freshen it up if you want to "sanitize" it after use. :biggrin:
  6. Alright :biggrin: thank you so much!!
  7. I was told not to treat the leather on my Chanel bags, and every few years bring it in so they can send it out to get cleaned and conditioned.