Suggestions for tan colored kelly bag>

  1. My sister is going to Paris for a long visit, plans to go to the Hermes store, and has asked me to give her a list of anything that I would want her to pick up (or even order, if possible) while she is there. I am waiting for a couple of things at the local store already, but I am thinking of things that might not be readily available over here. One thing that I would like to have is a 28 retourne kelly with PH in a light neutral (eg gold, natural, sable, barenia color). I dont care for box, vache ligee or chevre for a kelly but I do like togo and clemence. I was thinking gold togo but that seems so generic. I also was thinking of vache natural or natural chamonix, but I fear it wouldnt wear well. Also, barenia, but not sure if its possible in a 28 kelly. Any suggestions, thoughts?
    An alternative is a 35 birkin bag in similar color family - I have a gold togo, but I was thinking about natural fjord
  2. chamonix is hardier than it looks. i have it and now love it! but you don't see tons of it. how about ostrich??? love love love it.
  3. jedimaster, I am no expert on Fjord, but, I do like it and hope to find a Kelly someday in this lovely skin. I love it's hand and it's hardiness.....and it's great looks!
  4. If you don't like box, then don't go for chamonix. Goldin Fjord would be divine!
  5. if you're willing to do exotic, natural barenia shiny porosus croc is a stunner.
  6. ^oh, god yes! My store has a Bearn in this exact combo - god, it'd beautiful! PERFECT in a 25 Kelly.....
  7. My local store just had a matte barenia croc dogon wallet. Beaauuutifullll! But I had to turn it down as dogon is not really my fave wallet... It was over $7K for the wallet!!! I believe it was immediately snapped up by another barenia lover! :yahoo:
  8. Retourne Kelly 28 - I love retourne Kelly in Togo personally and Fjord is another leather that I am thinking to try..
    So maybe a Fjord in Natural Sable ?

    Here's a picture from Jemzjewel website

    And since you were considering Chamonix ... also from JJ.
    a Natural Chamonix Kelly :heart:

    Other stuff... :
    I think parchment is listed as one of the new colors (new for AW2007) for togo, clemence.
    There's also another new leather called Vache Hunter.
    You did not say how long your sister will be there, but maybe might be in time for these new additions?
  9. ^^^ Does natural mean undyed? (sorry for the dumb question)
  10. Too many lovely choices!