Suggestions for suits

  1. I live in Ireland and have recently started buying my clothes almost exclusively online, especially eBay. This is partly due to laziness and partly due to the great euro to dollar exchange rate. Nanette Lepore and Vivienne Westwood are two of my favourite designers but I also really like vintage suits. Would anyone be able to suggest any other designers I might like? It can be high-end or Target. I just need great fitting suits. Mostly I wear just skirt suits because trousers tend to not look too great on me. I'm planning a visit to the States next month but won't be in any major metropolitan area. Many thanks for any responses on this.
  2. I like DVF suits! Classic but with interest!
  3. That Gucci suit in that link is SO cute but I think I'm a little too big bootied to carry it off. The DVF reference is much appreciated. Thank you.